Jewett Academy offers a magnet program with emphasis on Math, Science and Technology.

The Jewett Academy experience provides programs and projects which are designed for the students' development of interpersonal skills, community awareness and academic growth. Students will engage in a variety of technological skills through the use of our technology center which includes a multi-media production
studio and 3 computer labs. help each learner develop the visions, plans and skills for success in high school and the global world beyond.

* Provide learners with a supportive, caring environment that develops self-esteem, self-motivation, and sense of responsibility.

* Strive to provide every opportunity for maximum learner achievement and to recognize and stimulate special talents in all learners.

* Plato "Achievement is fueled by imagination."

* Jesse Jackson "If you can conceive it and believe it, you can achieve

*Jewett Academy "What you can become expands with your vision of what is possible."

The Jewett Academy Program will show learners a world of possibilities and will help them chart the course to reach their visions and grow beyond.



Caring will describe Jewett Academy. The minute you walk into Jewett Academy, we will want you to feel a part of our caring, friendly environment.

We care... ...about each and every individual learner. ...about our totalinstructional team, our teachers, educational support personnel
and administrators. ...about our school and our school involvement in the community. We care, and we expect everyone will do the same.



We respect all learners for their current achievements and urge them
beyond. New horizons, new goals, new technology are all part of learning and teaching at Jewett Academy. Everyone will leave Jewett Academy with pride in them-selves and the progress they have demonstrated.

Fun Brain research is beginning to prove a high correlation between achievement and enjoyment. People function more productively in a positive, upbeat, enthusiastic environment. At Jewett Academy, FUN will be part of the curriculum.
We will stage activities and special events. Our teaching is entertaining. We appreciate humor. We will enjoy laughing together.

We will have FUN at Jewett Academy and achievement will be higher as a result.

Guidng Principles

At Jewett Academy we: -Prize cultural differences. -Respect independent thinking. -Individualize programs to meet special needs. -Demand the best!
-Expand horizons.

At Jewett Academy: -Everyone teaches! -Our achievements will be great-let's go beyond! -People live UP to high expectations.

We are the school. MISSION POSSIBLE! Today we celebrate success.

Who is the middle school student?

At Jewett Academy we hope and anticipate that all students will become the following:

1. A thinking person who is capable of self-expression and articulate speech. A person who is able to speak / converse in languages other than English, whether it's a foreign language, scientific or mathematical language.

2. A hard worker who realizes that work is not only a means of survival, but a part of identity.

3. A good citizen who understands the history, government and values of the United States and has a positive sense of global citizenship.

4. An honest and ethical person who recognizes good and bad.

5. A caring person who is involved in service to others.

6. A healthy person with a strong self image.



Our Mission Statement

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