Civic Media Center: April Events
April 2008

Friday April 11th, 6pm SPRINGBOARD DINNER at Matheson Museum with Ottón Solís. Advance tickets at Omni Books and Wild Iris Books.
Monday April 14th, 8pm "Maxed Out" recent documentary on the seductive hazards of credit cards, and the industry which pushes them.
Tuesday April 15th 7pm "Know Your Rights; training for activists and protesters by National Lawyers Guild
Thursday April 17th, 7:30pm Presentation on Venezuela with Iguana editors Jenny Brown and Joe Courter
Friday April 18th, 8pm Concert with Dave Lippman and George Shrub
Saturday April 19th, 9pm Music with Impossible Shoelace, Early Twenties, and Rachel Miles
Monday April 21, 8pm "A Crude Awakening " a well researched film about fossil fuel addiction and the "peak oil' crisis
Tuesday April 22nd, 8pm Killing Us Softly III; Film on advertising and womens body image.
Wednesday April 23rd A series of short films by Anthropology students
Saturday, April 26th 9pm Locally Touring artist Marc in Concert
Monday, April 28th 8pm Film: "What I've Learned About US Foreign Policy (the War Against the Third World)"

Mondays: 6pm Students for a Democratic Society
8pm documentary films
Wednesdays: 6pm Community Computer Class
Thursdays: 5:30 Volunteer meetings
9:30 Poetry Jam
First Saturdays: 2pm Peace Forum

Civic Media Center
1021 W. University Ave.,
Gainesville, FL 32601
352 373-0010

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