Citgo BUY-cott
October 2005

While you're paying mortgage-sized amounts for gasoline, you might as well see it go to a good cause.

Citgo is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Venezuelan government's oil company, Petroleos de Venezuela, S.A., so sales of gas there benefit the people of Venezuela rather than, say, Texaco stockholders.

And, if Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez is able to make good on his promise of cheap home heating oil for the poor in the U.S., it will also help us here.

There are at least 6 local Citgo stations:

->SW 13th St. and SW 16th Ave.
->SW 35th Blvd., West of 34th ST. on Archer Rd.
->NE Waldo Rd. and 39th Ave. (the pumps are Citgo)
->NW 13th St. and NW 16th Ave.
->3936 Newberry Rd.
->6921 Newberry Rd. (just east of I-75)
There are also two stations on 441, one on the way to Alachua and the other one in Alachua.

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