Pastors for Peace friendshipment to Cuba
May/June 2004

Three wheelchair-equipped International school buses will be traveling to Cuba this year from Florida, as part of the 15th Pastors for Peace US-Cuba Friendshipment.

The Caribbean American Children Foundation (CACF), ¡Cuba Vive! of Tampa Bay, Let Cuba Live of Florida, the Gainesville Area Cuba Friendship Network and the Florida Coalition for Peace and Justice are among the groups working together to send these diesel-powered school buses to Cuba. CACF director Alberto Jones, who has spearheaded medical aid shipments on many previous Cuba Caravans, took the initiative this year to raise funds for purchasing one bus, and with help from activists in Tampa, St. Pete and Gainesville, three buses were purchased at a recent School District auction.

Events are being planned for May and June around the state, and the Gainesville area send-off for the Caravan will be on June 28 or 29, with details to be announced. Call 352-871-1991 or email to receive future announcements about Gainesville events.

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