Film on 2000 elections theft shows Monday, Oct. 6
October 2003

The documentary film Unprecedented: the 2000 Election will return for a one-night showing on Monday, October 6th, at the Hippodrome Cinema.

Made by two independent filmmakers immediately after the vote count debacle began in November 2000, it provides a striking analysis of the strategies, shenanigans and fraud which unfolded before the nation's eyes, ultimately giving us the "arrive with five... Supreme Court justices" selected president Bush. Coming into the next election cycle, the vivid history of our recent past with purged voter roles, high-dollar deal-making lawyers, and a blatant Republican party strategy to prevent any recount which would take away their "win" bears review; it's an extraordinary piece of filmmaking.

Showings will be at 5, 7, and 9 pm, on a zero to $10 sliding scale. It's cosponsored by the Hippodrome and the Civic Media Center as part of their ongoing first Monday documentary collaboration.

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