Radical Rush 2001
September/October 2001

This September will mark the fourth annual Radical Rush! What began as a whimsical imitation of the Greek Rush of fraternities and sororities has blossomed into a great event that encourages students to get active in movements for social change. Radical Rush is a week-long tabling event by progressive campus and community organizations. It raises the visibility of activism by bringing students and activists together. Radical Rush is coordinated by the Civic Media Center, a local reading-room and library of the non-corporate press. In conjunction with their mission, to increase the visibility of underreported news and information to the public, Radical Rush is a way to creatively connect people to ideas and access to movements for social change. Radical Rush will be held from 11-2pm on UF's Turlington Plaza on Monday September 17 through Friday Sept. 21st.

For new campus and community groups, such as Amnesty International and Student Peace Action, Radical Rush is a great opportunity. It provides groups with the platform to present the ways they're involved in meaningful issues. Each of these groups signed up over 100 new people each during the week of tabling at Radical Rush 2000. Both Radical Rush and the Civic Media Center demonstrate the importance of making non-mainstream information and ideas accessible to the public.

Radical Rush 2001 will also include the publication Active Gainesville, a free local guide to progressive organizations, issues, and local things-to-do-and-see, as well as a listing of non-corporate businesses to support in Gainesville. You can pick up a copy of Active Gainesville at any of Radical Rush's week of activities or at the CMC.

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