Upcoming abortion rights consciousness-raising
Septebmer/October 2001

As part of our work on the National NOW campaign to protect abortion rights, Campus NOW will continue the fight for more abortion providers started by this summer's Gainesville Women's Liberation class: "Women's Liberation: Where Do I Fit In?" We will be holding a Consciousness Raising (CR) Tuesday, September 18 at 6:30 p.m. at the Reitz Union to prepare for the NOW National Speakout Day in October and to continue the work started by this class.

CR is a tool we use as women to gain a clearer understanding of our lives by sharing personal experiences, examining our common oppression and taking political action when necessary. In this CR we will answer the following question, which was used to plan the GWL class action: "Have you ever been pregnant, thought you were pregnant, or been worried that you might get pregnant? What did you do and why? Did you face any resistance or obstacles in trying to carry out your decision (i.e., to take emergency contraception, get an abortion or RU-486, have a child)? What happened? What role did men play?"

For more information call Natalie at 371-6499 or email campus_now@hotmail.com.

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