Union and civil rights supporters of the Charleston 5
August 2001

Charleston 5 supporters

Union and civil rights supporters of the Charleston 5 hold photos of the men, who are currently under house arrest, at the June 9 demonstration at South Carolina's state house in Columbia. The workers were charged with felony rioting after a picket line they were walking was attacked by police, according to witnesses. Unionists and civil rights supporters from around the country, and several from other countries, came to speak on their behalf and lend support.

Demonstrators applaud at the June 9th rally in Columbia, South Carolina, to free the Charleston 5, five dockworkers who have been under house arrest for over a year. The case has united labor, civil rights and black power activists, and progressives across the south and dockworkers in other countries have pledged to take job action if the 5 are tried. For more information on the case, visit www.ilwu.org.

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