Radical Rush Sept 26-29
September 2000

September 26-29, 2000 will mark the third annual Radical Rush, an effort co-coordinated by the Civic Media Center and Student Peace Action on the UF campus. What began as a whimsical imitation of the Greek Rush of fraternities and sororities has turned into a great way for progressive organizations in the campus and community to get out word of their existence and build their membership.

The key to understanding Radical Rush is captured in the dictionary definitions of the two words. To quote the T-shirts: "Radical (adj.) - advocating fundamental change in society by addressing the root cause of oppression," and "Rush (v) - to entertain before making bids for membership."

Last year was a blazing success for a couple of brand new groups. There were two different handfuls of people who wanted to start groups; some new-to-Gainesville students who wanted to start an Amnesty International chapter, and some returning students who wanted to begin a Student Peace Action chapter. With just a sign, card table and a couple of volunteers, these groups signed up over 100 people each, and each group went on to have a busy, successful year.

This year's schedule will be augmented by a kickoff music show on Tuesday night, September 26, at 9 p.m. the Blowhole inside the Purple Porpoise. The three bands scheduled to play are Guido Incident, Vanguard and Polline, and it will be a benefit for the Civic Media Center. The Friday evening Radical Rush party will be at 9 at the Shamrock Pub, conveniently located right next door to the Civic Media Center. That way, the CMC can also be open for tours, orientations, memberships, browsing and socializing.

The tabling itself will be at the Turlington Hall plaza from 11-2 p.m., Tuesday through Friday. Also planned for Radical Rush is a 32 page publication that will give each group space to explain what they do and what they advocate, in whatever format they wish. It will also have info about Gainesville itself, getting by without supporting corporate businesses, and various other hints from the locals that new folks may not know about.

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