Peltier film part of nat'l action
February 2000

Sunday, February 6, 1999 will mark Native American political prisoner Leonard Peltier's 24th year in prison. Last year over 50 cities internationally organized local protests calling for Leonard Peltier's release. This year similar simultaneous actions are planned, except that this time the ultimate focus will be on March's parole review hearing and community coalition building and outreach.

In Gainesville, Incident at Oglala, the story of the shootout between Indians and Federal agents that led to Peltier's imprisonment, will be shown on Sunday, Feb. 6 at 8 p.m. at the Civic Media Center, 1021 W. University Ave. The film is directed and narrated by Robert Redford.

The Peltier defense Committee says, "Leonard Peltier has a parole review hearing scheduled for this March. He is long overdue for release through parole, and it is one of his most viable options for freedom. It is very important that we be prepared to pressure the Parole Commission to release him this March. Indirectly, we can use the media and Congress to pressure the commission. Directly, we can collect letters from churches, unions, human rights organizations, the general public, etc. and send them to the parole commission.

"Please use sample letters to base your communications on. (Sample letters and press releases are posted at The parole commission has been extremely hostile toward Leonard, so we must bring enough pressure from responsible human rights organizations, the public, media, etc. to ensure that this time they follow their own guidelines and let him go."

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