Free Radio Gainesville 94.7 FM schedule
April 1999

5-6 pm: "All Things Not Considered" -- news not found in the corporate press.
6-6:30 pm: "Making Contact" -- a syndicated half-hour news show
6:30-7 pm: Local music with the dj that knows all about it.
7-9 pm: "Our Health, Our Wealth" -- alternative medicine, psychology, and music of the world. Potpourri blendings of east and west with Shubda Bija.
9-11 pm: "Lost and Found" -- rare, obscure, and forgotten music from the 1920's to the 1960's with Dr. Jive.
11-12 am: "Theater Radio" with Yellow.
12-l am: "The Peanut Butter Revival" -- a groove sandwich of funk, jazz and soul with Mikeyz and special guests.

5-7 pm: "Delta Bayou Blues and Jazz" -- two hours of jazz/blues power with Dr. Jive.
7-10 pm: "Gone to Croatan" -- youth issues and alternative education, with lots of international, punk, and kids music.
10-11 pm: " News Buffet"--syndicated programs dealing with current issues.
11-1 am: "Java Joe"-- brit pop and talk hour.

5-6 pm: "Micro News"--news about micro-powered radio from around the universe...
6-7 pm: "Our Americas"--syndicated news and commentary from Latin America.
7-9 pm: "Urgent Divergence"--regular offerings of experimental and international music with frequent guests of a different stripe.
9-10 pm: "Other Worldly"--world/ethnic music with info reports from Saploe Skree.
10-11 pm: "Pure Corrosion"--metal they don't want you to hear.
11-1 am: Cassidy and Yvette--interviews and music relating to the d.i.y/punk community.

6-7 pm: "ARA News"--info and music.
7-9 pm: "Skip's Molotov Cocktail Hour"--with Karnage and Mayhem.
9-10 pm: "The ABC's of Vinyl"--picks from jess' record collection. every week a different letter.
10-11 pm: "The Ibn Khaldon Conspiracy Hour"--access DENIED.
11-1 am: "Nomadic Broadcasting Network"--join El Distructo for spoken word, poetry, art, and music. featuring local folks.

5-6 pm: "All Things Not Considered"--news not found in the corporate press.
6-8 pm: "Beyond the Pale" with Gary and Allan--a weekly themed music show that goes beyond the pale offerings of mainstream radio.
8-10 pm: "Cup O' Joe"--mixed media exploration of psychological issues w/ Que.
10-11 pm: "Pillars to the Culture of Our Third Revolution: the Reinstatement"--hour of hippity hop, that is MC Shan, etc. w/ Rich Parker.
11-1 am: Top Secret mix of music and more. tune in.

12-2pm: "Free Radio Gainesville Potluck"--sampling of FRG's programming w/ local guests and community info.
2-5 pm: "Friday Mike"--music and more.
5-7 pm: "BADGES, We Don't Need No Stinkin' Badges"--hip-hop for your soul, variety for your mind and body w/ ICE Man Jones, PhD.

Free Radio Gainesville collective members at a press conference March 15, on the steps of City Hall. A Day of Action at the FCC is planned April 16--call 367-1086.

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