Free Radio Gainesville plans to return to airwaves
A recent dispatch from Free Radio Gainesville ...
February 1999

Even though we've temporarily ceased broadcasting, the Free Radio Gainesville collective has been very busy. Due to continuing pressure from the microradio movement on many different fronts, the Federal Communications Commission on January 28th held an open meeting proposing possibly changing their rules to allow a new 1,000-watt and 100-watt low-power radio service. The FCC also sought comments to establish a third tier of 1-10 watt stations. While the commission stated such lofty goals as "to provide new opportunities for community-oriented radio broadcasting, foster opportunities for new radio broadcast ownership and promote additional diversity in radio voices and program services, while protecting the integrity of the spectrum," many in the movement see the continued civil disobedience of micropower radio stations and the constant visible presence of microradio supporters demonstrating as major factors as to why the commission is making such a proposal now-simply put, people organizing to legalize low-power radio has been incredibly effective.

And Free Radio Gainesville continues to be active on this front. We held a successful "free radio" teach-in at the Civic Media Center in January which drew 40-50 people to learn about the issues that make microradio such a vital part of an active, vibrant democracy. We also had a band benefit at the Covered Dish (a constant supporter of Free Radio Gainesville) which raised over $300 to go towards costs of new equipment, outreach materials and other supplies. Free Radio Gainesville also is working on a lobbying project to convince the City of Gainesville to pass a resolution in support of low-power radio, as other cities in Massachusetts, California and elsewhere have. Free Radio Gainesville is planning on participating in a southeastern microradio conference to be held in Asheville, North Carolina on February 20th (to join us in Asheville, get the details by emailing us.) We also are contacting other microradio operators in Florida to learn from the experience of other low-power radio activists and to build a more cohesive state network. It is reported by activists in Miami that roughly 19 stations have gone back on the air there where in December, the FCC shut down 19 stations!

Best of all, you can expect to hear the rumblings of Free Radio Gainesville by the end of February BACK on 94.7 FM on your radio dial giving you what the other stations in Gainesville won't give you-local music, local news and a broad national and international perspective on events.

As always, to get involved with Free Radio Gainesville, email us at , or write us at our PO Box (see Iguana Directory) or if you're in a band and want to get your music featured on the station, drop it off at the "Free Radio Gainesville Drop-Off Box" at Hyde 'n' Zeke Records (1630 W. University Avenue). Stay tuned . . . the revolution will not be televised."

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