Employment Discrimination Survey
November/December 1998

We are asking employees to fill out this survey because several University of Florida employees tell us of their experiences with discrimination based on race and being mothers. We want to document how large these problems are so we can work to change them. The Anti-Discrimination Coalition, which includes several campus and community groups, was formed to expose and end discrimination based on sex and/or race, and to enforce worker's rights in our community. Feel free to attach a separate piece of paper and go into as much or as little detail as you would like.

Name (optional): _____________________________________________________________________

Phone # (optional): ( )___________________________________
Date of Birth: ___/___/___
Gender: M F
# and age of children: _________________________________________________________________

Race/Ethnicity: ______________________________________________________________________
Department (optional): _________________________________________________________________
Length of time in the department: ________________________________________________________
Job title/classification: _________________________________________________________________

1) What do you like about your position and/or your department?

2) What do you not like about your position and/or department?

3) Do you feel you are or have been treated unfairly or discriminated against in any of the following personnel areas? Or in any other ways?
--time off/leave of absence/sick leave slips
--personal calls or emails
--supervisory roles (given authority and then not given the opportunity to carry it out)
--pay rate and promotions comparable to your work, skill level, and/or seniority
--being able to take or made aware of the Florida law that for every 4 hours of work, an employee may take a 15 minute break. If so, please explain.

4) Do you feel you have been developed as an employee? For example, have you ever been offered training courses (i.e., in computer programs, customer service, supervisory skills)?

5) Have you been made aware of or participated in the tuition waiver benefit for UF USPS or A&P staff? Why or why not? Please explain.

6) Has your confidentiality been broken by someone in the office in a leadership role? Please explain.

7) Have you ever faced tensions at work regarding family concerns or emergencies? Have you ever felt that having children limited your possibilities in gaining employment or promotion? Please explain.

8) Regarding any issues in questions #27, have you ever addressed a complaint to any of the following?
--A supervisor Y N
--Affirmative Action Office Y N
--Personnel Office Y N
--Employee Relations Y N
--AFSCME (staff union) Y N
--GAU (Graduate Assistants United union) Y N
--EEO Office Y N

If no to all, why not?

If yes to any, did they investigate the matter?

What was the result?

Were you satisfied?

9) If you have you resigned, been terminated, or are thinking of resigning from your position, please explain why.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. Feel free to suggest ways to improve this survey or include any other comments.

Please mail this survey to: Anti-Discrimination Coalition c/o UF/SFCC Campus National Organization for Women, P.O. Box 2235, Gainesville, Fl 32602-2235. For more information, call 352/378-4448.

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