Viva Mexico Night July 17
July/August 1998

Friday night July 17 the Gainesville Committee for Democracy in Mexico is holding "Viva Mexico Night, a celebration in support of the Indigenous People of Mexico," at the Catholic Student Center, 1738 West University Ave, from 7-10 p.m. There will be refreshments, door prizes, live music, speakers, and an auction. More info at 379-4620.

The GCDM is a group of concerned people organized around Chiapas, Mexico, which has hosted awareness raising events for years and recently affiliated officially with the National Committee for Democracy in Mexico under the name Gainesville Committee for Democracy in Mexico. The National Commission for Democracy in Mexico, USA (NCDM) is a loose-knit network of local groups working together on organizing, mobilization and consciousness-raising around the issues and concerns for a peaceful political transition to democracy in Mexico.

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