Million Woman March Mission Statement
January 1998

The Million Woman March is being implemented by Black Women who interact on grassroots and global levels. Black Women who understand the necessity of rebuilding our foundation and destiny as a people, and that we must in many respects, begin at the origin (the root), upward.

Women of African Descent who reside, struggle, and interact in grassroots communities have analyzed and assessed unlimited issues and problems. Many of which have resulted in the deterioration of African Americans and African people overall. The Million Woman March is capable and ready to create and implement strategic methods of resolving such matters.

The Million Woman March provides us the opportunity to prioritize the human and environmental issues. It will collectively enable us to develop an assertive and aggressive movement to insure the participation and impact of people of African Descent.

The development of realistic tasks, distinctive objectives, and effective solutions will insure stabilizing the family unit and individual lives as we move forward as a people.

As Women, we are Blessed with the responsibility of giving birth to nurture, to teach values and morals often by demonstration, to give and earn respect, to provide proper growth and development, and to stabilize our homes and communities.

However, there have been various forms of disconnection.

As a result, we are no longer bond as a family unit, we not longer teach and prepare our children in the way we wish for them to go. How do girls learn to become women?

Who is responsible for teaching morals and values of womanhood? Have we not been the moral sustainers of Life? As teachers of life, have we failed or are we just existing?

The Million Woman March will revive life as we once exemplified it:

We will no longer tolerate disrespect, lack of communication, negative interaction, anti-social and dysfunctional behavior and the denial that problems such as these affect our ability to progressively and productively move forward.

Our focus is centered around the reasons why and what it will require to eliminate this DESTRUCTION.

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