Platform Issues of the Million Woman March
January 1998

1. National support from Congresswoman Maxine Waters, in the efforts to effectively bring about a probe into the CIA's participation and its relationship to the influx of drugs into the African American community.

2. The development and completion of Black independent schools with the 21st Century focus from pre-K through 12th grade.

3. The formation of progressive mechanisms that with qualitatively address the development and advancement of Black Women upon leaving the penal system.

4. The development of health facilities that can offer prevention and therapeutic treatment, and a major emphasis on alternative and traditional medicine.

5. The formation of Rites of Passage centers/academics which provide continual programming in addition to assigned enrollment periods.

6. The further development of Black Women, who are or who wish to become professionals, entrepreneurs, and/or politicians.

7. The further development of mechanisms that will assist Black Women who are "in transitional" experiences which will facilitate them more effectively and progressively.

8. The examination of Human Rights violations of Africans in the Americas and their effects.

9. The development of programming that will bring about a sincere and respectful environment that will foster the necessary interaction with our youth.

10. The formulation of progressive mechanisms to combat homelessness and the numerous circumstances that attribute to the plight of sisters/brother who are without shelter.

11. The development of mechanisms to ensure that the gentrification of our neighborhoods as it relates to public and private housing ceases.

12. The reclaiming of our elders rights, who are entitled to the development of appropriate programs and support systems that will ensure that their quality of life is maintained, enhanced and preserved.

The solutions must come from us (Women of African descent) and the manifestation is our responsibility. There is plenty of work to do, prior to October 25, and beyond.

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