Free Fred Hampton, Jr.
November/December 1997

Most people know about the FBI's 1969 murder of Fred Hampton, Sr., the deputy Chairman of the Illinois Black Panther Party. But do you know that his son, Fred Hampton, Jr. is currently doing 18 years in prison on a framed up arson charge? The National People's Democratic Uhuru Movement is working to free Fred Hampton, Jr. On December 4, they will be holding a People's Tribunal to put Mayor Richard M. Daley, the Chicago Police and FBI on trial and document the political connection between the assassination of Fred Hampton, Sr. and the political frame-up of Fred Hampton, Jr.

What follows is part of their informational flier: "In 1991, the National People's Democratic Uhuru Movement (NPDUM) was founded in Chicago. Fred Hampton, Jr. led the Chicago NPDUM Branch with the political goal to expose and defeat the U.S. counterinsurgency (war) on the African community and continue the struggle for African community control and self-determination whee his father and the Black Panther Party left off. Richard M. Daley, heir to the Daley legacy of crimes against African people once again with the Chicago police and FBI were determined to prevent another Fred Hampton from ever organizing African people for Black Power to the African community. In May 1992, the Daley Administration, Chicago police and FBI plotted and planned the political frame up of young Fred Hampton, Jr. on bogus "aggravated arson" charges using the African rebellions following the Simi Valley verdict as a basis. Their only evidence presented to the majority white jury in the 3 day political trial ws the Burning Spear Newspaper. He was convicted and sentenced to 18 years in prison. Despite his current unjust imprisonment and constant political attacks and harassment, he courageously continues to organize African people to fight for self-determination throughout the Illinois prison system.

"The U.S. Government, the Daley Administration and the FBI must be exposed and held accountable for the murder of Fred Hampton, Sr., the frame up of Fred Hampton, Jr., and the ongoing war it is waging in the African community."

To assist in the campaign, contact the NPDUM National Office, 5409 S. Halsted, Chicago, IL 60609. (773) 924-7072. You can make checks payable to the NPDUM and send them to the above address.

To send letters of support, write to Fred Hampton, Jr. AKA Alfred Johnson #B42954, Stateville Correctional Center, P.O. Box 112, Joliet, IL 60434-0112.

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