Center for Campus Organizing announces journalism contest winners
July/August 1997

The alternative journalism project of the Boston-based Center for Campus Organizing gave awards to campus-related publications in May. The all-around winner was The University of Chicago Free Press (for papers with a budget over $10,000). The Spheric at the City University of New York was the runner up. The UR Messenger (at the University of Rochester) won for papers with a budget of under $10,000 a year. The Student Insurgent (University of Oregon) won runner up position. The Civic Media Center has the Insurgent.

The Iguana, which was the only southern paper to win anything, got first place for "Reporting" and tied for First Place with the Spheric for "Hellraising."

The awards were created to encourage alternative journalism on campus and recognize the contribution of student journalists to free thought in their campuses and communities.

Awards were also given for Sense of Humor, Anti-Racist Reporting, Anti-Sexist Reporting, Opinion Writing, and Design.

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