Ziyon Yisrayah and Ajamu Nassor: political prisoners executed by Indiana
January 1997

Police raided the home of Ziyon Yisrayah and his co-worker Ajamu Nassor in 1980. They came in shooting and throwing tear gas bombs, one of which caused a couch in the front room to catch fire. The raid was in revenge against the two men for objecting to the treatment of the black community by the police. Yisrayah was injured in the raid, and one white cop was killed. Suppressed in the trial was the evidence that the murdered officer had been shot in the back, and that the bullet that killed him did not come from either of the guns fired in self-defense from inside the house. Both Yisrayah and Nassor were sentenced to death for killing the officer. Indiana killed Ajamu Nassor on December 8, 1994 and they killed Ziyon Yisrayah on July 17. (See Iguana, April 1995).

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