Making FROGress
A Pictorial Essay
By Max Sloan July 2000

Just south of Gainesville, Florida, along highway 441 crossing Paynes Prairie, is a $3.6 million dollar project to protect FROGS ! The original story appeared in the March 15th issue of eco-logic.
GIANT 5' high FROG WALL sections ready for placement. Hundreds of these sections were necessary to line each side of the highway.
Very LARGE equipment necessary to lift and position the massive FROG WALL sections. It has been estimated that a common swamp frog would have to reach the speed of 240,000 MPH to knock down this wall. 
Four NEW under the road culverts provide a beginning for the frog's affirmative action entitlements. Note the Frog Lip at the top of the wall. 
As promised, here is our pictorial report of the wall's collapse. You can not see it ...  but a rock is supporting this sinking and chipped section from further "down the drain" action. These sections are tongue and grooved interlocked to prevent this ? This one was hoisted out by the crane and a new section was cast in place
The WALL could be finished by August, 2000. Repairs could extend the ribbon cutting by the "Greenies" indefinitely. Florida drivers now know why you can not get the DOT to fix or improve the roads.
Your Gas Taxes at work ....... for the FROGS !

Your Wasted Highway Tax Dollars at Work: Frogwall Part 1

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Last Modified August 2, 2000