The Secret Tips

of Hexxit





There is a "secret" way to enchant, which is using bibliocraft bookshelves and filling them with books. It'll double your levels that you get on the enchanting bench and will allow you to repair "god" stuff.





The Water Staff-

This staff has a "secret" as well. The bubbles can lift up bosses and suck as well! Also, if you spam it, then you can keep lfting up the bosses over and over again.



The backpacks can go into a knapsack, so you could technically have A TON of space... a 3 by 9 set of backpacks in your knapsack and a 4 by 9 in your inventory. Then, each backpack could be a large backpack and that's a double chest! So, honestly you could have 126 chests on the ground.