Hexxit Best Bows


There are many bows in Hexxit, but this guide will only tell of the More Bows Mod bows.



The Reinforced Bow is the same as a regular bow, but has a bit more durability. Honestly, you could just make this bow instead of a regular bow. You can use stone and save wood.

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The Iron Bow is a bow that is slightly better than the Reinforced Bow that has a little more durability , damage, and has an upgrade of draw speed

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The Golden Bow is the highest damaging, quickest speed bow there is. One issue though... the bow only has 68 Durability...

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This bow is slightly better than an iron bow, BUT it makes all enemies catch on fire, so technically, the damage is greater.

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This bow actually has a SLOWER drawback than a regular bow. The only good thing about this bow is that after you fire, a non-damaging arrow shoots and after 3 seconds, 5 arrows appear and shoot the area!

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The Crystal Bow is a fast drawback, high damage, overpowered bow. It costs a bit more than you may be used to, but it is worth all the diamonds. This bow is better for ranged shooting.



LEGIA- This bow shoots two to three arrows at once! It does an okay amount of damage if only one arrow hits. It's sort of an area bow, where you can wipe out rows of mobs. This bow is best close range.