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Camellia Disease

Camellia Diseases - Leaf Symptoms

Most, but not all, camellia diseases can be identified by symptoms expressed in the leaves. Here are thumbnail pictures of leaves showing camellia disease sysmptoms. Click on the thumbnails to see larger images.
The spotting is algae leaf spot
The small, distorted leaves are due to aphid damage.
The brown, oblong specks are camellia scale. The bronzing of the leaves is due to excessive spider mite damage.
The small holes in the leaf are due to an insect chewing the vegetative bud before it fully opened.
The tip of the leaf has died and turned brown due to salt burn. This is due to excessive fertilization.
The brown, circular spots are due to scab.
The lightening of the leaf midrib is due to spider mites.
The white spots are tea scale. The brown spots are dead tea scale recently killed with a soap solution.
Tea scale damage can cause the top of the leaf to show variegation.
Leaf variegation due to virus. (Many variegated camellia flowers are variegated due to virus. This plant is variegated due to a failed graft of Hall's Pride Variegated onto a seedling. The Hall's Pride Variegated scion knit to the understock and innoculated it with the variegating virus.)

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