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Gainesville Camellia Society Monthly Program Schedule

Programs for 2006-2007
Meetings are held at Kanapaha Gardens at 2pm on the 3rd Sunday of each Month.
Unless otherwise noted.

Click Here for Directions and Map to Ritters in Melrose.

September 17
Marc Frank
Master Gardener
Camellia Companion Plants
October 15
John Langlois GCS Grower
Sasanguas& Hybrids
November 19
Jerry Hogsette GCS Show Chairman
What a Judge Wants
at a Camellia Show
December 16
Christmas Potluck & Gift Exchange
Camellia Cheer!
January First Weekend
Saturday & Sunday
Gainesville Camellia Show
Oaks Mall, Gainesville
Bring your blooms by 9am Sat.
Jay Ellis
Best Gainesville Camellias
Grafting Workshop
At Chuck Ritters in Melrose
Grafting with Chuck
March 24 & 25
Kanapaha Gardens Spring Show
Camellia Information Display
Annual Picnic
Bring Covered Dish
June July August 2006
No Meeting
Watch Camellias Grow


Kanapaha Spring Festival will be held in March 2007. Please come to the February meeting prepared to commit to one or two hours of tending our booth. This is an excellent opportunity for us to reach the public. You will find it enjoyable to be a part of the activities and since you will working with another member, one of you can take the opportunity to wander around and see the various displays and activities. You will be given a pass to get in free, saving you a couple of bucks per person. Please pencil those dates on your calendar and plan to give us a hand. No special skills are needed. We will have handouts and displays for people to see and you can refer any questions to members of the board who have more experience in case someone is really interested and you don't feel comfortable handling the questions.

Gainesville Camellia Society's Favorite
Books on Camellias
are available at our Meetings.
Book sales can be pre-arranged.

Email Book Sales

Camellia Culture for Beginners (booklet) $2.00
Camellia Nomenclature 2002* $15.00
Camellia Nomenclature Supplement $ 8.00
Southern Camellias, Vol I by Miles Beech $ 25.00
Southern Camellias, Vol II by Miles Beech $ 25.00
Camellias - A Pictorial Dictionary by Don Ellison** $ 35.00
Illustrated Encyclopedia of Camellias by Stirling Jacoboy $ 45.00
Antique Camellias of Lake Maggiore by Piero Hillerbrand $120.00***
Higo Camellias (Italian Book with English Comments) $ 40.00
Camellia Insects (pamphlet) $1.00
Camellia Diseases (pamphlet) $1.00

*A new Camellia Nomenclature is scheduled available now.
**This book is out of print; however, a few copies may be available.
***This is an approximate price because of the devaluation of the dollar against the euro.
Note: All prices are subject to change if the publisher increases prices.


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