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amusing sites

After endless hours of surfing the web I have located a few sites that I found to be somewhat amusing. If you find something you like or a dead link, please let me know. Also bear in mind I am easily amused.

Here are a few generally clever links for your amusement:

Your Weight On Other Worlds. This is a link to a plethora of information regarding our solar system. This reminds me of a "Weight of Elvis on other planets" laminate I have. To figure The weight of Elvis throughout our solar system just enter 270 for the King's weight.

Strawberry Pop-Tart Blow-Torches. Wow...this site is for the more pyro inclined folk! Kids don't try this at home. Of course my preference for entertaining food tricks would be the old glowing pickle thing I learned at art camp.

Marshmallow Peep Research. Those resilient little birds... This is along the same line at the SPTBT. Ever wonder what these things were made of? I'd like to see someone experiment with how the human body digests aged peeps.

Phone Spell. What does your phone number spell? Click here to find out! Of course this falls under the heading of really useless information.

Music of the Internet. Along the lines of number conversion we have here a site that will detect the IP address of your computer and play a song generated from the numbers in your address. This also goes with the fractal generator since this site uses a fractal composition program for the sounds of the internet.

Useless Information Page. "Stuff you never needed to know but your life would be incomplete without."

satellites and stars

StarDate Online. Check out this site if you want to know what is going on in the other 99.999999% of our galaxy.

Satellite Orbit Track. This page will load a Java applet which will plot in 3D the orbit of over 500 Earth satellites.

Satellite Predictions. From this site you can see which satellites will be visible tonight in the gainesville sky. The user location is actually predefined for the Gainesville Airport.

Iridium Flare. This is a link to a picture of an Iridium Flare. I have been trying to spot one for several weeks now with no luck.

jungian stuff

Keirsey Temperament Web Site. Recently I have become obsessed with interpreting personality types. Ok, maybe obsessed is a little strong...I just think they are really neat. I don't believe in basing life decisions on a personality test, but it can serve as an insightful tool benefiting the quality of our personal as well as professional lives. From this web site you can find information about the 16 different types. You can also explore your own personality type online at the Keirsey Temperament Sorter assessment web site. After extensive research and assessments from Myers-Briggs and Keirsey, I have concluded that I am most likely of personality type ISTP.

movie stuff

The Internet Movie Database. I'm a bit of a film fanatic, yet I have always have a difficult time recalling a movie title or the name of a performer. The IMDb is a great tool for finding that one elusive movie you are trying to place. Movies Chip would like to see soon.

Quotes from Raising Arizona. This is one of my all time favorite movies. Here is an example of what you can discover with the IMDb..."I'll be taking these Huggies and whatever cash ya got."

All-Movie Guide. The AMG is another great film database. It's also a good way to review for the Kevin Bacon game.

Movies in Gainesville. Here is handy listing of local movies for the Gainesville area. From this site you can also find links to websites for a couple of the venues. Make sure you check out my favorite local theatre the Hippodrome.

Gainesville Sun Movies. Sometimes the prior link is neglected, so for a current listing of films in Gainesville check out this website. Unfortunately it is usually a very slow site.

MovieLink. Another great film resource is MovieLink. This is the online version of MoviePhone (eg. 777-FILM) which provides locations and times for current movies. The only downside is that theatre coverage is lacking in rural areas such as Gainesville. However, it's still neat to see what's playing at the Ziegfeld Theatre in New York or Mann's Chinese Theatre in LA.

Prevue Online. If you need to know what's on TV, stop by this site for the cable lineup for Gainesville and hundreds of other locations across the country.

radio stuff

National Public Radio. I love to listen to public radio for a number of reasons. First of all there are few commercials and program interruptions (I can't stand commercials). Second, the programming is fantastic. I'm the type that loves to watch the TV networks like discovery, history, or the learning channels. Currently my favorite NPR program is Lost and Found Sound.

Public Radio International. The mission of Public Radio International is to engage listeners with distinctive radio programs that provide information, insights, and cultural experiences essential to understanding a diverse interdependent world.

Earth and Sky. Just check it out, you may learn something.

Hearts of Space. This program offers some groovy music to relax to. In Gainesville it airs Sunday night from 10pm to Midnight. Great music to fall asleep to after an eventful weekend.

WUFT-FM 89. This is the website for the Gainesville area public radio station.

Afropop Worldwide. This program is PRI Public Radio International's weekly series showcasing the contemporary musical cultures of Africa and the African Diaspora in the Caribbean, the Americas and Europe.

realtime cameras

UF NetCam. Check out this site for a live image of the GPA in front of Turlington at UF. This one is even updated every 15 seconds! I love to hang out under the big live oak and people watch. Maybe you can watch me people watching.

Travel Spots. View live video images from your favorite holiday locations around the world. You can even track down a few from St. Petersburg (FL) on this page.

Yahoo NetCams. This is a great starting point for browsing Spy Cameras from around the corner or around the globe.

news and other silly links

Latest News of the Weird. Here you will find the latest in bizarre, unbelievable, yet true news stories compiled by Chuck Shepherd. I was first exposed to this entertaining column in Tampa Bay's The Weekly Planet. You can subscribe to receive this in mail list format at News of the Weird.

Fractal Cow. Take a look just might be amazed the kind of stuff that flows from these udders.

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