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     The  downloadable  ASCII  text and WordPerfect v6.0 versions of  
this  book  (without photos) are  in  the  Public  Domain, and thier
distribution is  encouraged,  as  widely  as  possible.   There  are
no  copyright  restrictions  on  the  above-mentioned versions.  All 
that is asked is that proper credit be given where used.

     [DISBROWS.ZIP] - contains  ASCII text & WP60 versions.

     [DISBRPIX.ZIP] - contains all pictures that are in the hardbound 
                    book  and  then  some.  All  are B/W 400dpi hand  
                    scans  made  from  book's pictures and also from 
                    some old tins and negatives in our possesion.

     [D_STONES.ZIP] - contains pictures of some old DISBROW gravestones
                    that are currently at the Old Tennent Church grave-
                    yard in Tennent, N.J.

     [GREGOPIX.ZIP] - contains scans of some of our GREGORY family
     The transcriber of these documents can be reached at voice Tel.  
No.  (352) 371-2439, or at the snail-mail address of:

     Todd Sherman
     8401 NW 13th Street, #114
     Gainesville, Florida 32653, U.S.A.

     Also coming soon to this site:
     o  The  Sterners,  by  Jay  W. Sterner, 1956/72 (currently 
        being transcribed as of May, 1997; mostly completed)

                         - - -

     The  first  hard-bound  version  of this book, printed in 1956,
with  pictures,  some  original  documents, and even a few maps, was
donated  by  my grandfather to, and is available for examination in, 
the Library of the Monmouth County Historical Association 
in Freehold, New Jersey.  If you SHOULD end up handling this (or the
STERNER  book),  PLEASE be very careful when turning the pages.  The 
glue  holding  the pictures and other tiny documents in place is now 
some  25  years  old  and  a  quick flip of the page could very well 
dislodge  one  or  more of them.  If a glued item becomes dislodged,
please  be  careful to replace the image to the proper page location 
and  alert  the  librarian.  In  some cases, the photos are the only 
ones  we  have  left and if they become lost or damaged, there is no
replacement and that part of the history is lost forever.

     Revised,  hard-bound  copies  are  in  the  possession  of Mrs.
Muriel  E.  (Gregory)  Sterner (Jay's wife, still living as of May,
1997),  Lydia  (Sterner) Sherman, and Jane (Sterner) Jones (children
of Jay and Muriel).

     -Todd L. Sherman


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