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     At this point a belated acknowledgement is long over-
due.  I have mentioned how William B. Bamford rescued the
Disbrow markers from the nervous commuter.  He did much
more than that.
     Billy Bamford, when I knew him, was an ex-Major in
the Home Guards, a quondam Mayor of Belmar, and part heir
to the Exton Biscuit fortune of Trenton.  He had money
and was never gainfully employed.  He had the time, the
inclination, and the money to dig into his family tree.
Among his ancestors were the Disbrows.
     So he it was who gathered practically all the infor-
mation anent our family prior to John D. - Nicholas,
Henry, Benjamin, and John of the Roundabout.  In fact, he
had collected such a mass of this material, covering all
lines from Nicholas on, that it was a real task for me
to glean just the facts which concerned our own direct
     Practically every book listed below was painfully
dug up and read by Billy Bamford - not I.

                         * * *

Memorial Sermons & Historical Notes - A. Mersler, N.Y., 1873
History Monmouth & Ocean Counties - Saller
History Old Tennent Church - Symes, 1904
Contributions to N.J. History - Wm. A. Whitehead, 1856
Marriage Records 1665-1800 - N.J. Archives
History & Gazeteer of N.J. - Thos. F. Gordon, 1834
Index to Wills etc. - Sec. of State of N.J., 1912
New Jersey Archives
Officers & Men of N.J. in Revolution - Wm. S. Stryker, 1872
Calendar of Wills (N.Y.) - Berthold Fernon, 1896
History of Westchester Co. N.Y. - Bolton
History of Rye, N.Y. - Baird, 1871
Early Westchester Wills (1664-1784) - Wm. S. Palletreau
Calendar of Land Papers N.Y.
BIBLIOGRAPHY Abstract of N.Y. Wills - N.Y. Historical Society. Descriptive Catalog of U.S. Gov't Documents (Vol. 1) Ye Historie of Greenwich, Conn. - S.P. Mead, 1911. Lyon Memorial (N.Y. Families), 1907. Genealogical Notes - Goodwin, 1856. Cat. of Names of 1st Puritan Settlers of Conn. - Huiman, 1846. Records of Tombs, Births, Marriages of Greenwich - Mead, 1913. Greens Farms Old Burying Grounds - Fairfield Co. Hist. Soc. Connecticut Hist. Soc. Collections Digest of Early Conn. Probate Records - Mainwaring, 1904. Births, Marriages and Deaths from Hartford - Wells. Stamford Registration of Births - Rev. E.B. Huntington. History of Colony of Connecticut (New Haven) - Lambert. Genealogical Detail of 1st Settlers of New Eng. - Savage, 1860. Documentary History of N.Y. - O'Callaghan. Colonial Records of New York Early Dutch Settlers in Monmouth Co. - Beekman, 1901. Old Times in Monmouth - Yard & Geo. C. Beekman. Historical & Genealogical Miscellany - Jas. E. Stillwell. Westchester County Cemeteries - 1914. History of Stamford, Conn. - Rev. E.B. Huntington. Marriage Licenses Prior to 1784 - Sec. of State, N.Y., 1860. Calendar of State Papers of Great Britain - 1860. Report Royal Comm. on Hist. Mass. - England, 1879. New Register of Harlem - Henry P. Toler, 1903. History of Fairfield, Conn. - Eliz. H. Schenck, 1889. History of Westchester Co. N.Y. - J. Thos. Scharf, 1886. History of Long Island - Benj. F. Thompson, 1843. New Jersey Register (1st Issue) - Jos. C. Potts, 1837. Magnalia - Cotton Mather. This Old Monmouth of Ours - Wm. S. Horner, 1932. Matawan (1686-1936) - Federal Writer's Projects, 1936. 163

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