Challenge the ASVAB (Armed Forces Vocational Aptitude Test)

“Parents have the right to challenge any use or proposed

use of the ASVAB military aptitude test in overall high

school assessment. Not only do recruiters use the results

to offer prospective recruits glamorous sounding jobs, but

taking the exam provides the military with student contact


From “In Harms Way” How the Military Markets Enlistment


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What they tell you: ASVAB is a voluntary test that "will help you make career decisions."

What it really is: The ASVAB test is a sneaky way for military recruiters to get all the information on students taking the test, for recruitment purposes.


The ASVAB is just another tool to help recruiters make their quotas & advance in their careers.


Why would someone take this test? We are told it will tell us what career skills we have. Don't buy that, ASVAB is not designed to help students make career decisions. There are no connections between ASVAB scores and civilian career skills


Before taking the ASVAB test: Students must sign a document. Scores will not be processed unless it's signed. Even though most of the students who take the test are minors, the military considers their signature legally binding. This signature releases all of the students' personal information: name, address, phone number and social security number, into a computer listing used for recruitment.

from Counter Recruitment 101 published by United for Peace and Justice



If you do not choose Option 8, then all your information will be given out to the military. Recruiters conveniently don't mention Option 8, but when taking the ASVAB, Option 8 protects a student's personal information from the military recruiters. All schools that offer the ASVAB have Option 8 for student's to choose. Schools can also use Option 8 to Opt-Out the entire school.


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