Alternatives to Military Service
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Parent Talking points
Informed consent is important in life and death decisions
Make sure you know the consequences connected with military service and what alternatives are available

*No Child Left Behind
Act-Section 9528: military recruitment & your child's privacy rights. Opt-Out Form

More Privacy Challenges
ASVAB test can release student information to recuiters
Pentagon Database opt out

Before you enlist:
* Questions to ask recruiters
* Questions to Ask Yourself

Enlistment Guide
Our most up to date
information also available
in print

You CAN afford college! There are positive opportunities after graduation in civilian life!
Financial aid, jobs,
training and travel
facts & resources

Project on Youth and
Non-Military Opportunities

Learn about
Regisration for The Draft

Understanding the
Delayed Entry Program


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 North Central Florida
GI Rights Hotline
Vets for Peace
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Concerned parents
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We provide information and support for Military personnel and their Families in North Central Florida and are a branch of the National GI Rights Hotline

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