Music Software
for Just Intonation and Microtonal Music


These programs are not produced or distributed by World Harmony Project
but are presented here as useful resources for microtonal musicians


Fractal Tune Smithy
Pitch Pallett
An essential tool for working with Microtonal Scales of all kinds (freeware)
The Swiss Army Knife for Microtonal Composition and Performance (Shareware)
A realtime Tuning Program for XG synthesizers (commercial)
Design, analyse, construct and edit all kinds of Microtonal Scales, find chords, disonance factors. Send tunings to various synths and programs, MIDI relaying via Pitch Bend, Charts, tools, Friendly Support, Free. 
 MIDI Relaying and File Tuning, Lambdoma Keyboard Interface, Polyrhythmic Metronome, Osciloscope, Mouse Theremin, Fractal Composition and more. Friendly help and support. Lot's of information about Tuning included. Inexpensive.
Goes between your MIDI Controller / Sequencer and the XG Synthesizer. Includes realtime chord analysis and automatic tonic/root shifting 
(12 tone repeating scales only). Support still available, but no upgrades likely.

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