DENNY GENOVESE is musical director of the Exotic Music Ensemble, Executive Director of the World Harmony Project Inc. and founder of the Southeast Just Intonation Center. He is the composer of much of the music played by the Exotic Music Ensemble, as well as several electronic works. He has been involved with the development of New Music and new musical instruments since 1965. Denny's articles on just intonation and instrument design have appeared in several national publications, and have been well recieved. His musical recordings, STARLIT JOURNEY, FORTH AND BACK, TINKLE BELLS AND BOUNCY ENERGY, PRMJI and NEW MUSIC-ANCIENT PRINCIPLES are enjoyed by listeners in several countries. He is the author of MICROTONAL MIDI TERMINAL, a real-time computer program for playing electronic music in just intonation. His inventions include the Fipple pipe (a wind instrument) and a number of electronic music devices. His biographies appear in MARQUIS WHO'S WHO IN ENTERTAINMENT and in PITCH magazine's WHO'S WHO IN MICROTONALITY.


Denny graduated from New College (the University of South Florida's Honors program, located in Sarasota, Florida) with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Composition in 1991. His thesis, THE NATURAL HARMONIC SERIES AS A PRACTICAL APPROACH TO JUST INTONATION outlines the basis for the extended tonal and rhythmic realms which he has continued to explore since 1976, when he discovered Harry Partch's book, GENESIS OF A MUSIC. While at New College, he served as director of the ORGANIZATION FOR EXPERIMENTAL MUSIC. He also studied Liberal Arts and Computer Science at the University of Hawaii from 1971 to 1976, at which time he developed a music composition and notation program for the IBM-370 mainframe computer.


While in Honolulu, Denny manufactured custom electronic music equipment, co-founded (with Don Slepian) the HAWAII ELECTRONIC MUSIC GROUP, edited a community newspaper and served on the boards of several community organizations. His radio show, NEW MUSIC-WHAT'S THAT? was broadcast on KTUH-FM, in Honolulu for three years.


The THEREMIN is Denny's favorite instrument for melody. It is capable of subtlety, expressiveness and flexibility beyond that of any other melodic instrument. For harmony, he holds the KOSMOLYRE, developed by Ivor Darreg in highest regard.

Theremin Music and Tesla Lightning!

Denny Genovese and Robert Krampf electrify the audience and themselves too!

New Music, Ancient Principles

Lft toRt.: Wade Hines, Keton, Dawn Delo, Karen Boon von Ochssee, Bob Neufeld, Denny Genovese, Josh Lederman

The Exotic Music Ensemble

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