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If you are reading this page, you are like me. Taking a car to a show in a trailer is nice but it does not cut to me. I believe a car was designed to be driven. In the case of the Mustang, pushing it to its (and its drivers ;) limits is also important. So, here is a page to help some of you find info on how and where to do it.

  • Race Calendar All the races we know of and you may want to know about.
  • Race Results How did club members fared on the track.
  • FAQs What is autocrossing? How about how to set up a Mustang for drag racing?

You will probably noticed there is a lot of info on autcrossing in this page. Yes, a lot of people claim Mustangs were design for drag racing, that they suck at autocrossing. I beg to differ. Even though I have never raced mine (being currently engineless it is kinda hard for it to move on its own power =), I do not see why it could not do reasonably well there. Maybe it would not be able to compete with, say, a RX-7 or a Subaru Impreza, but who cares? They are in different classes anyway! Also, I myself have seen a 53 Corvette do quite well while a 2002 model was mowing the grass all the time. Of course, the prize goes for the Dodge Shadow with 4 bald tires and shocks that are about 5 years overdue for a replacement; it would roll like a ship but did not leave the track.

Upcoming races

Jun 1 to Jun 2

Combined event at Sebring. The club racers will be on the club course, and the SOLO II people will be on either the Ulmann Straight or the pit straight. It should be a fast course so be prepared.

Jun 22 to Jun 23
Aerial view of the Gainesville International Raceway road course

SE DIV SOLO II at Gainesville International Raceway, on their road course, which gives us a very fast for SOLO II. I myself raced there and it is a blast.

If you are going to be there, and do not care if you make a fool of yourself (we all do it, me included =), please let me know since I will be taking my P.O.S camcorder (VHS-C) and perhaps a normal 35mm camera. I would appreciate help in taking some pictures and perhaps even video shots for the club. What I am planning on doing is to spend some time during the month getting my computer at home and my camcorder talking to each other, so we can later on having some videos of races.

Weekly events

Drag Racing

As some of you know, every wednesday night the Gainesville International Raceway has a test-n-tune day. It is not that bad in price (I believe $20 let's you run as many times as you can) and gives you something to show next time someone tries to claim his car can do this or that. ;)

Racing results

SE DIV SOLO II at Gainesville International Raceway (Jun 22-23)

Nice rainy view
                 at around 2:20pm EST (Jun 22 2002) Today is test-and tune day for the autocrossing. I myself did not go (my race car has its butt on the air waiting for me to get the rear brake rebuild kit) and will probably not go tomorrow unless the weather gets better. How better? Well, as the picture to the left can show, it is raining pretty bad here in Gainesville right now. I would not be racing today in a track if I could avoid... unless I enjoyed mowing the lawn in the rain. ;)

I guess this time I should be happy my race car is disabled. =)

Frequently Asked Questions

Does anyone know how to set up a Mustang for autocrossing? Has anyone raced it? At least I found a nice faq on autocross.

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