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The MustangGators is a club based in Gainesville, FL, for people who share an interest and love for the Mustang family of Ford automobiles. We try to accomodate all people: those who restore them, those who race them, and even those who like to see them.

Where is the Mustangs of Gainesville?

For quite some time, this has been the homepage for the Mustangs of Gainesville. However, since (at the very least) the beginning of the year 2001 (no HAL jokes, please =), that club has been quite dead. If not dead, I would at the very least say it has been frozen to be melted some years in the future. Because I consider that unfair to all the Mustang owners around Gainesville, FL (and for a few other reasons such as club focus), I decided to come up with a new club. If you want, you can still visit the Mustangs of Gainesville original (i.e. it has not been updated in many moons) club webpage.


(22JUN2002) Overe here in Gainesville is bloody raining. I feel sorry for whoever went for the test day for the SCCA Solo II here in Gainesville. More details available here.

(18JUN2002) It seems I will not be able to race in the SCCA Solo II event on Jun 22 and 23 at the Gainesville racetrack. If any of you are going, to let me know and I will bring my camera. Otherwise I am not going.

(01JUN2002) As of now the club is quite new and could use as much help as possible. Here is a quick list of stuff we need:

  • More members =)
  • Member car pictures and description
  • A place to meet. I will work on that once you have at least 5 members.
  • Clipart, artwork, articles
  • A logo!

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