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Riches in Glory (1)

by Oscar M. Baker

Many are missing good things. It may seem that they are choosing this way. But, really, no one wishes to miss a good thing. So why do so many miss out on the good things? Ignorance.

Think of the regrets because of missed opportunities which knocked at the door only once. You have heard stories of folks who missed untold treasures. One fortune was in the old family Bible. The heir had not bothered to open it. Lots of people are poor today because they fail to open the Bible.

A closed Bible is either because of ignorance or plain neglect. I am talking about those who profess to be Christians. Through ignorance, they are choosing lesser blessings instead of the greater ones. A baby will choose the shiny penny rather than the dull $100 bill. It has not had any sense of values yet.

Think of the millions of Christians who are poor spiritually. They are so by choice. It is an ignorant choice.

For an example, let us consider Col. 3:4, "When Christ, our life, shall appear, then shall ye also appear with Him in glory." Have you considered that verse? Does it apply to you, or to somebody else? Have you ever really studied that verse? Have you claimed it for your hope? Or, are you following the crowd right down Broadway?

Is this appearing here on the earth? In the clouds? Or, in glory? We do sense the fact that some day the Lord will appear. This word appear is not used in connection with the hope of Israel. It remains for the church.

The Lord does not yet reign. He has no throne, but shares His Father's throne at present time. Some day He will reign on the earth. He will have many crowns in that reign (Rev. 19:12). He will wear the crown of every nation on the earth, hence many crowns. King of kings, and Lord of lords will be His title.

But where did he get the crowns? Where is the coronation ceremony? Not here on earth, for He comes from heaven with the crowns already on His head. Where is the coronation?

Before coming to the earth He will rise from His Father's throne. Since our life is hid with Christ in God (Col. 3:3), then we must conclude that He is hid in the heavenlies. He is also waiting for the manifestation there.

The church as not been invited to the marriage of the Lamb. But it has been invited to the coronation of the Lord. The marriage of the Lamb will be here on the earth. The bride is Israel, an earth people. The coronation is in the heavenly places, far above all. Christ is the Head of His church. They are invited to His manifestation to the powers in the heavenlies, not to peoples on the earth.

"Then shall ye also appear with Him in glory." What a wonderful time that will be. But, will you be there?

(Reprinted from Vol. 27 of Truth For Today.)

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