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Here are several Bible Study periodicals that minister to Christians in the post-Acts economy of the Church which is His Body. The publishers are allowing this web page to freely distribute their articles on the internet. Each of these publications adheres to these four basic Truths:
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Berean Expositor

The Berean Expositor is published bimonthly by The Berean Publishing Trust, London, England. The two basic principles guiding the publishers are found in 2 Timothy 2:15 and 3:16. Printed subscriptions are reasonably priced and also include the Joints and Bands newsletter. Your comments and questions are welcome. A free sample issue will be mailed to anyone, anywhere, upon request. Email your request to BPT Sales, or write to The Berean Publishing Trust, 4 Orchard Avenue, Whetstone, London, N20 0JA, England.

Articles from the July 1997 issue:

Several articles from previous issues are available in the archive. The Things Most Surely Believed booklet is online.

Bible Explorations

Bible Explorations is a joint effort by a group of believers. Articles submitted are not necessarily the viewpoint of the group collectively. Free subscription mailed to anyone upon request. Email your request to Adam Bagby or write to Bible Explorations, PO Box 2835, Glendale AZ 85311-2835.

Grace & Peace

Grace & Peace is printed and sent free throughout Australia and its primary aim is found in Ephesians 3:8-9 and this in harmony with Colossians 1:25-27. It is a ministry to the saints, to help and encourage them in their stand for Christ & the rightly divided Word. Current circulation is 400 and the goal is 1000. Email your request to Brian Kelson or write to Grace & Peace, Box 109, Boolaroo NSW 2284

Truth For Today

Truth For Today is published six times a year and mailed free of charge to anyone, anywhere, upon request. Send your request to Truth For Today Bible Fellowship, PO Box 6358, Lafayette, IN 47903.


You can read answers to comments and inquiries received:

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