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Here are selected articles from past issues of The Berean Expositor. Each article or series of articles is briefly abstracted by its leading sentence.
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"I will be surety for Him" (Gen. xliii. 9). -- What is the meaning of a surety?


Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thine heart.


A series on the book of Daniel.


Truth is so vast and its implications so great, that the mind is compelled to analyse, dissect and separate in order to attain to some semblance of understanding, but both teacher and taught should ever remember that truth so dissected is dead: we are but conducting a post-mortem examination.


A list of the epistles written by the apostle Paul before and after Acts 28.


Among the doctrines which come before the student of Scripture in his search into its teaching regarding human destiny, is that of eternal or everlasting life.


Following upon the study of the Scriptures as to the question of immortality, we instinctively turn to the following expressions which so often occur, viz., "everlasting," " for ever," etc.


Many precious lessons for the child of God may be gathered by a prayerful study of the types of Leviticus, among them the fullness of blessing which may be discovered in the verse which contains our title, Lev. ii.16.


Is it possible that we might make an offering to God which does not really cost us anything?


In this present article we desire to consider the references to the heavenly aspect of this mystery a little more closely.


A series of brief articles on Greek prepositions.


A series on the John's first epistle.

John's second epistle.


Can we have the real faith of the epistles if it is a joyless faith?


A series on the epistle of Jude.


A series on the book of Judges.


To many things there are two sides, just as there are two sides to a coin. Often we may try to simplify truth and not take into account that it may be approached from more than one angle.


Have we never felt when searching the Scriptures upon some theme the desire for some further explanation which God has been pleased to withhold?


"Though I . . . . understand all mysteries . . . . and have not love, I am nothing" (I Cor. iii. 2).


A series on the gospel of Luke.

Matthew 24

A series on chapter 24 of Matthew's gospel.


This wonderful meeting place to which we wish to draw attention is found in Isaiah liii., being symbolized in Exodus xxv.21 and 22.




A series on the parables in Matthew 13.


The Ministry of Paul. Its relation to dispensational truth.



These thoughts were written in October, after having spent a little time pruning fruit trees. A garden teaches many lessons, and the pruning of fruit trees is by no means the least helpful.

Service (symbols of)



An online pamphlet summarizing Berean beliefs.


The opposition and misrepresentation which marked the course of the apostle Paul's ministry have never died down, and today among Christian people many hard, biassed and untrue things are said against this servant of Christ.


A consideration of the nature of the punishment of the unsaved.


The words "what then," taken alone, have little or no meaning, but read in the light of the context in which they occur in Phil. i., a very precious lesson may be learned.



We propose giving a few words of explanation upon the first verses of the Gospel of John, because upon several occasions, and in different places, friends have asked our opinion about a very subtle interpretation which is being promulgated by a certain section of Christendom, and which leads the reader to think that the inspired original tells us that the Word was a God!
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