"Toast," Kali said, out of the blue, "Does anyone want toast?"
	"Oooh, I do!" Lith answered.
	Kali pulled out the toaster that she always carried in a sturdy 
black bag, slung across her back. She plugged it into the wall and 
popped in some of the bread that she carried in a special outer pocket 
of the bag. From other compartments, she retrieved a knife, some 
butter, and some cinnamon. 
	"What do you want on it?"
	"Both, please."
	She went into an odd chant and buttered and cinnamoned both 
pieces. She wiped the knife off with a wet napkin and replaced it and 
all the other toast paraphernalia.
	"I need some more bread..."
	Pete shook his head.  "Um, I think I've got some." He got up  and 
went to the cupboard where he had stashed some food basics, among them 
a loaf of bread. Kali took five or six pieces and stowed them 
carefully while he tossed the bread back into the cupboard. That was 
another thing he could never understand. The toast thing. Kali was 
forever calling toast breaks, completely out of the blue, and whipping 
her toaster off of her back. He had asked her once what powered it, 
and she had replied that she had some solar cells on the pack that 
were wired to the toaster, so she had a perpetual supply of energy for 
it. Lith enjoyed toast as well, although she was never quite so 
fanatic about it. 

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