The Homepage of Dancing Toasters

Toast... how yummy!

Toast is a thing of ultimate joy. It is the perfect snack, warm and crunchy and infinitely variable, since you can put nearly any topping on it. It is more than a comestible. It is a way of life. And this is Kali's Homepage of Dancing Toasters. Welcome. Here is a picture I drew of myself.

___ {{|}}} | o o| O /\__/\ T __/ \__ | /\"\__/"/\ | | | || | <-> |_/ \| | |_|___/\.' './\____./| <--.____/ \_____.\| / . . \ | | . ' "| | | "| | \_ "_/ |kali \_________/ |

The toastlinks are as follows:

Things I wrote

This is a letter I wrote for English class. The teacher was not amused.

I didn't write *all* of this toastmovie, just part of it. Lith wrote the rest, as well as this wonderfulessay about toastmaking.

Here are somehaikus I wrote about toast.

And here is a poem.

And another poem.

Here is a silly song about toast. Actually, the scene is one that occurred at a party I had.

Now we have another toastpoem, this one's about killing a toaster and feeling remorse.

Another poem about a man's search for bread and toasters.

A poem what I typed with my feet.

This is a part of an extraordinarily bad story I wrote. I like this bit, though.

Next, a part of another extraordinarily bad story that I wrote.

I recently discovered Pepperidge Farm's Toasting Bread- here is a report.

Lastly, a CUUI chant.

Toast Ascii Art

The toaststoryascii, an ascii-illustrated story I wrote.

The rest of my toastascii.

My .sig, with lots of lovely toast on.

Things Other People Wrote

An ode to toasters.

Lith's toastessay

From the fine makers of the Flying Toaster screen saver, AfterDark, we have the Toaster Anthem!

Spish's Strawberry Poptartpoem.

The computer-company toaster spoof, care of Jason Pilon

Links to other Toastplaces

The place where the original CUUI cultgot started is the newsgroup, but no one posts about toast there anymore. I am sad about this.

Here is another place, having something to do withtoaster ovens.

Probability and Buttered Toast: someone's quest to prove the age-old saying that buttered toast always lands face down.

The Toast Master's spiff toastpage and toaster image gallery!

Mmm...Toast. Paul Griffith's toastpage, complete with a FAQAT.

A Toastshrine of joy!

If you have a toast page not listed here, please, by all means, send me the URL and I'll look it over and add it. If you have any toast poetry, toast stories, toast pictures, toast sounds or toast ascii art, please send it my way and I'll add it on. Thank you, have a nice toasted day.

If you wish to see the old toastpage, and the enigmatictoast paragraph, click there.


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