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SpaceflightNow Check the progress of the Columbia Investigation, unmanned missions, and astrophysical developments
Give Me Liberty. Org Bob Schultz put on the Truth in Taxation Hearing in Washington on February 27th The government was a no show
Anti-state.com "An anarcho-capitalist publication...attacking force based government at the root"
The Emperor's New Clothes "Piercing a Fog of Lies"
Michael Ratner International Human Rights Lawyer Center for Constitutional Rights
GULAG AMERIKA Homepage: US Detention Camps
Stewards of the Range Property Rights and Constitutional Principles
ShowMeTheLaw.net "This site is dedicated to helping people gain an understanding of some of the great deceptions being pulled on the American people." Video, Audio, and text articles
Republican Party of Marion County Florida (Ocala Area)
Writings of Israel Shamir A leading champion of the ‘One Man, One Vote, One State’ solution in all of Palestine/Israel.
The Konformist The Oklahoma City Bombing Jihad Teflon Terrorists
What Is Going On??? "Our out of control government is shredding every concept of what America is all about."
The Secret Team The CIA and Its Allies in Control of the United States and the World" Download a book that keeps disappearing from the shelves
Freedom Alliance The Price of Liberty is Eternal Vigilance, "Honoring and Encouraging Military Service"
Trade Alert - Home "Fighting for American Companies... Fighting for American Jobs"
Guerrilla News Network Covering the War on terror, the War on drugs, Human rights, Civil liberties
Tax-news.com News Headlines World-Wide Tax Coverage
The Informed American! "Real News for Real Americans"
Project Redbook P - T Far Out Underground Cavern Site
Toogood Reports News & Politics "News and Politics - The Right Stuff for Right Thinkers"
Antiwar.com A Division of the Center for Libertarian Studies Updated Continuously, Many Interesting Links
Hal Lindsey Oracle Covers Latest News of Israel Many links
www.debka.com Political Analysis, Espionage, Terrorism Security Broke the Iraquis in Jordan Story, Read Spiked News
Illinois State Rifle Association Safe and Responsible Gun Ownership
IRS ~ Tax Info from APFN
Ludwig Von Mises Institute Journal of Libertarian Studies, E-Books, Daily Articles, Films on Liberty
Www.klamathbasincrisis.org Photos, Links and the latest on the water fight with the Feds in Klamath Ground Zero for property rights
Citizen's Oversight Committee of Alachua County "CGOC is a group of private individuals looking for answers to questions and problems that exist both in our local communities, state and nation wide."
National Motorists Association"To guarantee the retention of your individual rights when using public streets, roads, and highways."
Third Millennium Global News "What the mainstream news media is not telling you."
Saying No To Unconstitutional Laws and Procedures
The We The People Organization Home Page Nationwide Plan To Expose and End the Illegal Operations of the Income Tax System
Thomas Paine National Historical Association
End The IRS! "... a web site devoted to putting the IRS out of business." Download Book, "I Fear No One, Especially My Own Government"
Return Of The Gods Web Site, Politically Incorrect Literature, Conservative Resource Center. "A Challenge To 20th Century 'Liberalism' "
Legal Reform through Transforming the Discipline of Law into a Science
The Center for Exposing Corruption in the Federal Government
Firearms & Liberty Articles about the spiraling Gestapo state
Bloomfield Press "We publish the gun laws in plain English and word-for-word"
Separation of School & State Alliance "...to improve education for all by liberating schools from politics."
Liberty Tree "We have nothing to sell you but your freedom"
American Patriot Friends Network "We are not anti-government, we are anti-corrupt-government." Message Board, Contents
Jewish World Review Columns by Cal Thomas, Thomas Sowell, Dr. Laura, Walter Williams, Mona Charen, Jeff Jacoby, Don Feder, Mallard Fillmore and many others
Keep and Bear Arms Gun Owners Home Page - 2nd Amendment Supporters
Grandfather Economic Reports - by MWHodges "Each generation hopes their children will have more freedom and economic opportunity. Certain trends threaten their future" A collection of easy to understand picture reports
The Professional Paranoid Home Page H. Michael Sweeney Disinformation 101, Newsletter
The Patrick Henry Center for Individual Liberty Gary Aldrich, President and Founder Alerts
CCOPS: Concerned Citizens Opposed to Police States Aaron Zelman - Executive Director
U.S. Code, Title 18 Download by title or chapter
The National Anxiety Center: Warning Signs! Exposé of the tactics, lies and insanities of gun control, animal rights, greens, and political correctness
Nuclear War Survival Skills Online version of Cresson H. Kearny's book, from the Oak Ridge National Laboritory, 1979
Secret Oath An Exposé of the present Just_Us system
Cybershooters Home Page "The internet's leading source of information for shooters"
U.S. Representative Dana Rohrabacher
The Architecture of Modern Political Power "This is the story of America's death by a thousand cuts." Incredibly Huge Compilation: CFR, Biderburgers, Global Socialism, Laws Gone Mad, Humiliating a Nation, Murder Inc. and more   Politically removed from the M.I.T. domain
Articles by David Icke Find out why Gore seems so reptilian, the House of Windsor, FEMA
James & Kenneth Collier: Votescam Online Chapters of the book
American Patriot Friends Network Message Board, Articles
U.S. Term Limits Citizen Legislators, Not Career Politicians Common Sense Commentaries by Paul Jacob
Alex Jones Presents Infowars Home Page News Articles, Audio Links, Videos
Izen Home Page Law and Defense Legal Victories against the IRS
Assembly of Yahshua "If you are interested in learning the sacred names of Yahweh and Yahshua and why they are deleted from your bible."
Neal Boortz Home Page Nealz Nuze Boortz Bits, Today's Columnists, Essays, Speeches
The Revelation You'll never think the same way again . . . . Esoteric Symbolism and Secret Societies: Some really new observations and information
Sierra Times - Welcome to the News Ranch "An Internet Publication for Real Americans" News and Articles
ALRA Home Page "The American Land Rights Association (ALRA) is a grassroots, non-profit organization advocating private property rights and multiple use of federal lands including recreational and commercial access."
Zolatimes.com "All the News that Others see fit to Trample" Excellent Libertarian Commentaries
Vote Fraud Citizens for a Fair Vote Count "The Last Peaceful Strategy to Restore Freedom under God in America through Honest Elections"
Tax Protester Hall of Fame "Court cases that address the legal theories of sovereign citizens." "Patriot" arguments and the results in court
Jail 4 Judges Initiative The Judicial Accountability Initiative Law "Don't Give Up Hope! There is still a sure-fire, legal, non-violent way to regain a government of the People, and it's under way now!"
Desert Storm War Crimes Commission Peter Kawaga's exposé site Gulf War syndrome and more
The Independent Institute "Enlightning Ideas for Public Policy" Devoted to advancing individual liberty, free markets, and the rule of law.
The Independent Review: A Journal of Political Economy "A quarterly journal published by the Independent Institute devoted to excellence in the critical analysis of government policy and current affairs." PDF's of the best articles from the Review
Official Reform Party Web Site "We are a volunteer organization devoted to leaving a better future for our children and our grandchildren, by creating a third political choice." News and Views, States and Contacts, Multimedia, Candidates and Campaigns, Principles and Issues
Sherman Skolnick's Report Founder/Chairman, public-interest group, Citizens' Committee to Clean Up the Courts Deep intelligence reports, months ahead of everyone else
Contrail Connection "Do contrails change weather? make you sick? could it be a mass innoculation?"
CCG's United Nations Hates Our Guns! The destruction of guns, beautifully illustrated
The Common Conservative "Practical conservative magazine offering political commentary and editorials. Tired of the same boring pundits who skirt tough issues?"
&TOTSE - Right to Keep and Bear Arms Collection of essays
Gun Control - Pros & Cons "Taking On Gun Control - Enough!" Cops, Protection and You, Gun Safety - Basics, Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics
Columbine Research Task Force "We're There!" information ignored by the controlled press
The National Motorists Association "...devoted to representing and protecting the rights and interests of North American motorists."
U.T.O.H. Untie Our Hands "... Dedicated to taking back America from the hands of the Corrupt and unjust, and righting the wrongs through legal battle..."
The Marian Intelligence Advisor "The information at this web site carries with it an unusual degree of urgency, and relates to national security and individual safety, in a way which could soon affect all Americans and many other peoples of the world. It shows why the West may now be in a period of acute danger, and gives unusually strong sources which back up this claim ." WWW III and how to protect yourself
Ten Virgins Dry-Pack Cannery Save money canning your own survival foods!
Cuba,Rockefeller-s and Communist-s New viewpoint of the world scene. History of Cuba, Rothschilds, communists, declarations of war Forum
Congress Action Newsletter alert on congressional fast shuffles. Cox report, FTP of back issues
Barkayren's Site Links to some very interesting sites
Jeff Nyquist The Final Phase "A long term Soviet deception strategy is now in its final phase.The Russian Strategic Rocket Forces are on permanent alert. This gives them a position from which to launch a surprise attack." Writer for WorldNetDaily
Wars'R'us Spy Report
American Patriot Network "Its 1999, do you know where your Rights are?" Online Book: The U.S. is Still a British Colony
Talks Cheap "Welcome to my politically aware web site."
Kjos Ministries "Our mission here is to provide vital facts and biblical encouragement that will help you prepare for a global society that hows little tolerance for the Christian world view." which created the modern world
ICQ User Advisory Virus and other warnings
JJ-Johnson.com "Arming you with knowledge. Using the First Amendment as a First-Strike Weapon." Militiaman who testified in Congress, Online shareware novel
Psychiatry Betraying & Drugging Children "Put a value-neutral system together with a heavy emphasis on the “educational” use of violence-inducing, psychiatric drugs, and we have a powder keg waiting for a spark." Citizens Commission on Human Rights
Drugs Kill "The rise in senseless violence in America is date coincident with the increased use of mind-altering drugs."
Planned Concentration Camp and Detention Centre Program New World Order Intelligence Update
Crystal Tears Beautiful Poem and Image
TWA Flight 800 "...former military, civilian, and aviation professionals who organized to independently investigate the downing of TWA Flight 800 ..." New information in a letter to the CEO of Boeing   multiple formats
MoneyTalk$ "The Root cause of 99% of the World's economic problems"
Just say NO TO Traffic Tickets "Why? You pay traffic fines voluntarily!"
Big Brother Inside Homepage Pentium III's have a unique serial number that can be read from the net without the owner's consent!
The Agony of Kosovo Chronicles - A Magazine of American Culture The Rockford Institute   Read the facts about Kosovo known widely in Europe, but suppressed in the U.S.
www.rockfordinstitute.org Chronicles - A Magazine of American Culture   The Rockford Institute
Militia Report - Columbiana County, Ohio "Pirates have flown many flags! Mind Control, Spy Satellites Comanche Gunships Govt Sponsored militia Federal Reserve and the New World Order and more."
Freedom Law School "was founded to assist those freedom loving and self-responsible people who are committed to living their lives free of oppressive control and taxation by governments and their agents and live free, in pursuit of happiness." Free IRS attack plan download
Bonded Thru Injustice "A symbiotic dark alliance between the CIA, the DEA and Mexican drug cartels." Book site. First two chapters
InfoWars Operation Urban Warrior 99 Photo essay on a practice "invasion" of the U.S. Some troops spoke no English!
Consumers Union Report on Licit and Illicit Drugs Classic from the 70's now on the net
Florida Radio News2 "News with a hostile attitude" Some really funny stuff!
TWAB Politics
The Jeff Davis Show "The current property tax system is a form of indentured servitude ... a honest, people-serving government has no reason to disarm it's people, only corrupt, tyrannical governments do." Excellent, succinct mission statement - A masterpiece
The "Backdoor" Program " ...if Back Orifice is running in your computer, a remote operator anywhere on the global Internet can gain access and do almost anything you can do on your computer"
The Population Control Agenda Margaret Sanger, Lucis Trust, Jacques Cousteau " ... The real enemy, then, is humanity itself."
Grandfather Economic Report "I am concerned about the future of our youth, compared to my generation."
InternetNews.com Real-Time Internet News Stock, technology, political, and business news
Well Now(sm) "Our purpose is to collect and disseminate information about natural medicine approaches to human health."
Media Bypass Uncensored Links "A Smorgasbord of American Freedom Sites"
Wired News Political News Y2K, internet censorship efforts
Free Congress Foundation Paul Weyrich's open letter to conservatives, latest op-ed
OKBIC The official website of the Oklahoma Bombing Investigation Committee "Our primary mission is to find the whole truth about the fatal attack on the Alfred P. Murrah Building on April 19, 1995."
Washington Grassroots Email Network "4 message boards running now in addition to the Email network. No Archives are kept on any of the boards"
Deadly Doctors " Doctors kill five times as many people as guns!" alternative medicine
Defend Your Privacy Helped publicize the FDIC "know your customer" regulations
Sprawl Brawl Pro and Con articles on another facet of "Sustainable Development"
Sightnings Scroll down to the articles on many obscure topics of interest, not just UFO sightings
Salon Magazine Heads Up on the left
Reconcile Chile The other side of the Pinochet story
Build Freedom Free Sovereign Individual "We believe that if a critical mass of people were to focus on building freedom, corrupt political systems will eventually lose their power and influence."
Jane Doe #5 On line comic strip
Joan Veon The Women's International Media Group, INC. Has been exposing the Globalists since 1994. Reports on the World Economic Summit, Bank of International Settlements, G7, G8, Rio, Habitat I and II, Prince Charles, the Sustainable prince, Gorbachev State of the World Forum and more
ShadowGov.com (ACM) Organized a nation wide Clinton rape protest
View From Flyover Country John Perdue Entertaining and Illuminating Essays
Freedom Above Fortune founded by Joseph R. (Joe) Banister, a former IRS Criminal Investigation Division Special Agent
Awesome Christian Sites Main Index Subdivision of awesome-sites.com
That Ragged Old Flag Touching Poem
Informed Citizen Secret Government Programs Tuskegee study, Fort Dietrick biologicals research, LSD, MKULTRA, AIDS
Research-It! Your one-stop reference desk thesaurus, translators, maps, telephone, stock markets, internet
openNET Coalition " ... If you are an individual Internet user concerned about preserving an open Internet, we invite you to join the OpenNET coalition Activist Network ..." E-mail updates on internet developments
Punch a Politico! Politics the fun way! Bill Clinton, Ken Starr and the rest are waiting for YOUR vote in the nose!
The New Australian "Australia's first online free market magazine" Conservative American columnists, news ignored by the left wing establishment press, Media Hall of Shame
E-mail Send E-Mail to selected members of congress Forms for composing your letters, In-Search-Of.com
Arriba Vista The Image Searcher Thumbnails of the found images
The Federal Siege OF Andrews, NC Image gallery of Federal activities
Due Process Home Page "We are a national network of investigators and paralegals which specializes in helping Americans resolve disputes with the Internal Revenue Service, national banks and debt collectors."
Ron Paul's Freedom Reports Foundation for Rational Economics and Education, National Endowment for Liberty
Southeastern Legal Foundation News on their suits for limited government and liberty Links, News, Views, Express Your Views
The Nando Times Global, national, sports, and political news
Orlando Sentinel Online: Charley Reese His columns from the last two weeks
WHTT - We Hold These Truths"...exposing the traceable links between the behind-the-scenes power groups, and the critical political events of the day"
Wake-Up Call America Truth in News "Bringing you the news you won't get from the controlled big media" Web articles, cartoons, subscriptions, web links
NORFED National Organization for the Repeal of the Federal Reserve Act American Liberty Currency Redeemable silver certificate currency now available!
Moneypulation An excellent, extensive collection of articles about the "club of rich international bankers" Introductory and advanced articles
Original Sources Mary Mostert, Analyst "...brings you the candidates in their OWN words, without the spin and without the hype"
AndoverNews.com - Sitemap All kinds of good stuff for your website
SkullDuggery Key Conspiracies "intended to get people to think about the reality that surrounds them." secret societies, media, banking, conspiracy links
Jesse Ventura All kinds of Jesse stuff
The Winston Churchill Division - Vast Right Wing Conspiracy
Steve Vaus: Dear Mr President campaign, singer, songwriter
Constitutional Guardians "dedicated to ... removing Lawyers from elective office outside the judicial branch, through the ballot box or the courts."
Michael A. Hoffman II "Campaign for Radical Truth in History" "Revisionist history consists in the art of discerning fraud and the courage to publicly strip illusion, even when the whole world is clamoring violently for it." ADL goes ballistic about Hoffman
Road Show of Deception "PSYOPS are not designed to baffle and amuse.PSYOPS are designed to create tension among different groups; enhance dislike and discord; and erode friendship and harmony." Bilderbergs, CFR, secret underbelly of the NWO
Amerikan Expose Working To Wake Up America And Save Freedom Radio Show, RealAudio link
In Your Face "THE haven for dissidents, fighters and freemen. The law helps the vigilant, before those who sleep on their rights."
Bio Diversity Maps Detailed Wildlands areas maps of Western states
United Nations Association of the USA News, Programs, Issues, Publications, Events Calendar, Membership
Learn About Consensus and Facilitation, The Restructuring of America, Parental Rights Information about the ongoing changes in American Education and How to Fight It
The Chip Tatum Chronicles Testimony of Government Drug Running
The Lawgiver "... created for people who want to learn the foundations of Law, without which it is impossible to win in the State and Federal court systems."
Legal Research Ring "Let's do legal research on Internet!"
Wilderness Areas Map Wilderness Areas, UN Biosphere Preserves, Large Map
War Isn't Progressive Progressive Politics Some good stuff about modern totalitarianisms
Internet Free Expression Alliance News on efforts to censor and filter the internet
Citizens Against the Drug War "There's no way to rule innocent men. The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals."
U.S.A. Patriot David Parsons Links to SPIKE, militia, patriotic sites
CapWeb The Internet Guide to the U.S. Congress
Tom Bowers' Semi Message Board Guns and ammo message board
Essays by Louis Beam On history, government, politics, Vietnam, police state
PATRIOT Trading Group INFORMATION you can use Executive Orders, PDD's, other esoteric documents
CIA and Drugs Case File: Michael Ruppert CIA drug trafficking, mind control, LAPD, assassination of RFK, Sirhan is innocent!
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - Win at all costs "Government misconduct in the name of expedient justice" 10 part expose of Federal persecutions from one of the few remaining family owned newspapers
The Mustard Seed "dedicated to spreading the truth about the United Nations and its agenda for global, one-world government"
Usawareness.com Terry Reed's The American Heritage Festival lawsuit
Interhack Publications Netscape 4.06 back door - big brother can see where you have been!
Big Brother is Listening! Shocking Facts About ECHELON, Political Control, Anonymous GSM Phones, Maildrop Services, and more! Software to secure your HDD privacy
CIA Drugs FBI, CIA and other government agents document drug trafficking into the United States by the CIA and DEA.
The Bush Family Preys Together Covert Action Quarterly
Anti-Lawyer Party "The Anti-Lawyer Political Party is a REAL party dedicated to getting lawyers OUT of our political system (executive, legislative and judicial) and replacing them with honest, hard-working people who really know what it's like to make a living."
APS - Pro Se Help "American Professional Services provides self-defense legal resources for people who want, or need, to represent themselves in the U.S. courts."
Republic Radio International Program Schedule, Real Audio Link
Apricots From God Apricot seeds and vitamin b17 and laetrile cures cancer treatment with amygdalin in holistic therapy
Human Rights & Psychiatry Support Coalition: Home Page "has successfully broken the silence about psychiatry's forced human rights violations... without losing our sense of humor."
IPS - International Criminal Court From the U.N. Conference for the Establishment of an International Criminal Court Conference news articles
Florida Constitution of 1861 Florida was once an independent sovereign nation!
Florida Constitution of 1868 Compare this to the 1861 Constitution
Patriot Real Audio Broadcasts Bill Cooper, Prophesy Club, Talk America, many others
Florida Legal and Law Links Florida Statutes, Codes, Regulations & Court Cases. Excellent Legal Information Source
Liberty, Justice For All The Historical Documents: Where it all began.
National Legal and Policy Center "Promoting Ethics in Government"
Progressive Caucus A List of the Left Wing Members of Congress
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