Florida Legal Assistant Certification Program

In 1980, Florida Legal Assistants, Inc. (FLA, Inc.) established its Certification Program to complement NALA's CLA program. Its purpose is to provide a standard for measurement of advanced skills and knowledge in Florida law of those persons who have already achieved the national CLA certification. FLA, Inc. began administering the CFLA exam in 1983. Florida, through FLA, Inc., was the first state to administer such an exam. There are presently 84 CFLAs in the State of Florida.

The CFLA examination is administered through the Certifying Board of FLA, Inc. in conjunction with the FLA, Inc. mid-year meeting in the Spring and the annual meeting in September. A two-day CFLA review course has been established and is offered prior to the midyear and annual meetings. FLA, Inc. has developed a CFLA study guide which is available from FLA, Inc. Headquarters at a cost of $37.50 plus shipping (the price is subject to change; please contact FLA, Inc. for more information).

The exam takes three hours and is limited to Florida law. The first part of the exam covers ethics and general Florida Law which includes the Florida court system and terminology. All questions must be answered. Part two covers seven substantive areas:

  1. real estate law
  2. civil litigation
  3. criminal law
  4.  family law
  5. probate and estate planning
  6. corporate and business law, and
  7. contract law.

  8. The test comprises true/false questions, short answer essay questions, and multiple choice questions. There are three questions from each of the substantive areas. An examinee must answer a total of six questions and may select any combination of questions from the substantive areas. The examinee may not answer more than six questions. Only the first six questions answered are graded.

    Upon successful completion of the CFLA examination, a legal assistant becomes authorized to use the designation "CLA, CFLA." CFLAs are required to have 30 hours of continuing legal education credit over a five-year period to maintain their CFLA certification which must be directly applicable to Florida law. Proof of continuing legal education must be submitted to and is maintained by the Certifying Board.

    Information regarding the dates of the next study course and examination may be obtained from the headquarters office of FLA, Inc.:

    Florida Legal Assistants, Inc.

    P.O. Box 7073
    West Palm Beach, Florida 33405
    Tel: 800-433-4352


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