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All DOS Episodes are available and complete. The files have started moving accross the lines even as I type this update. Don't waste any more time get your games now.

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Episode #1

The fight for freedom begins!

File Name: COLOSSO1.ZIP File Size: 2,513KB

Download Shareware VR1.4
Escape From Dr. Colosso

Episode #2

Day or night the Colosso fight continues!

File Name: COLOSSO2.ZIP File Size: 2,635KB

Download Shareware VR1.2
Colosso Revenge

Episode #3

The fight is not over yet!

File Name: COLOSSO3.ZIP File Size: 2,703KB

Download Shareware VR1.0
Colosso Secret

Episode #4

Escape from Dr. Colosso VR.2X for WINDOWS Beta test version


Download TEST VR2.X
Escape from Dr. Colosso
Available on request only!

Episode #7

The Next Generation Colosso Choppers!

File Name: COLOSSO7.ZIP File Size: TEST ?KB

Download TEST VR1.0
Colosso Choppers

Episode #8

The Next Generation Colosso Attack!

File Name: COLOSSO8.ZIP File Size: TEST ?KB

Download TEST VR1.0
Colosso Attack

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