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The Colosso Adventures
Classic style 3D games from Campana Productions.

Over 90,000 shareware copies have been served up raw.
Minimum System Requirements: DOS, 386, 4mb RAM
Optional: Mouse, Joystick, 100% SB Compatible Sound Card. DOS version games will run under WIN95. See the Win95 page for the Upgrade Project and Windows demo download.
Copyright © 2000 Campana Productions
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The shareware files are available for download now. Try all three shareware episodes for free! Go to the download link above.

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Coming in 2000 WIN95+ versions using DirectX. Beta test versions are available now for download. See the Win95 page on this site for information. File last updated 11/30/2000! Also see the download page for new 3D Battle Games.

Screen Peek Screen Peek Screen Peek
Ship Dragon
Check out some screen shots of what is in the works, and let me know if you would like to see more.

The DOS CD version is available now with all three episodes at one low price! Keep checking the order page for details on bargains.

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The Colosso Adventures are dedicated to the memory of Shelly Jean Campana.

This site last updated 11/01/2001.

All the games in the Colosso Adventure Series found on this site have been produced,published, copyrighted, marketed, promoted, packaged, and distributed

By Campana Productions.

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