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Admission to Undergraduate Study

Admission to the College of Fine Arts is selective but may
be gained at the FRESHMAN, SOPHOMORE or JUNIOR
LEVEL. A wide variety of undergraduate music degrees are
available; admission to each program in the School of
Music requires a performance audition. A minimum grade
point average of 2.0 is required, except in music education
where 2.5 is required. Prospective majors should contact
the School of Music Director of Admissions as early as

To become a music major a person must complete a
pre-admission audition and be accepted into a
performance studio. It is not possible to become a music
major if the student does not exhibit sufficient performing
competence in his or her audition. A prospective student
must have submitted an application to the University of
Florida prior to their audition. The deadline for Summer &
Fall admission is February 1; the deadline for Spring
admission is October 1.

A student's entire record is evaluated when under
consideration for admission to the School of Music,
including: Grade Point Average (GPA), SAT/ACT scores,
results from a Music Aptitude Test & Theory Placement
Exam, Piano Skills, an interview with a member of the
music faculty, a recommendation of a Former music
teacher, the student's repertoire, and audition results. This
information is collected and reviewed by the Admissions,
Scholarship and Retention Committee and in the Spring,
after all three audition dates, decisions are make
concerning admission and scholarships; All decisions of
this committee are final.

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Admission to Graduate Study

In order to be admitted to graduate study in the College of
Fine Arts' School of Music, a student must first submit a
complete application for admission to the Graduate
School (Students are referred to the section of the
Graduate Catalogue entitled Admission to the Graduate
School) with a copy to the School of Music. The
Admissions Office refers completed applications to the
College of Fine Arts and then to the appropriate Graduate
Coordinator in the School, and a graduate selection
committee will recommend approval or disapproval.

Although the student may have had earlier informal
contacts with faculty or the School of Music, or have visited
the campus for an audition, actual admission to the
University for graduate study is only accomplished by the
process described here. The application for one of the
program areas is reviewed by the faculty in that area, the
student's audition will be heard by performance faculty,
and the written materials will be examined by faculty in that

The exact deadline for completion of all elements of the
admission process for any term is listed in each annual
Graduate Catalogue [link to the critical dates page] Since a
formal application includes scheduling auditions with
music faculty or other appropriate documentation as well
as securing transcripts of previous college work, it will
usually require some weeks to complete. Completion
deadlines for Fall semester admissions are typically in
June. For Spring semester admissions, the deadlines are
typically in late October; for the Summer semesters,
deadlines are typically in late February.

If you wish to be considered for financial aid, including
teaching and service assistantships, fellowships and
other awards, you must send your request to the Director
of the School of Music by February 1 of each year. Early
inquiry is essential in order to be assured of meeting
these admission application deadlines.

The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is required of foreign
students except for foreign students whose native tongue is English or who have
studied at a US institution for one year.


Mutlu Çitim-Kepic, Director of Music Admissions
352-392-0223 x205
E-mail: mcitim@ufl.edu

Dr. Budd Udell, Director of Graduate Studies
352-392-0223 x215
E-mail: budell@nersp.nerdc.ufl.edu

If Directors are unavailable, please contact:
Dana Jacobson, Sr. Secretary
352-392-0223 x200
E-mail: djacob@ufl.edu