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An audition is required of all students applying as music majors, minors and of anyone wishing to be considered for music scholarships.

The audition consistsof a performance by the student on their principal instrument or voice plus abrief aural skills / sight-singing exam and a music theory assessment. Auditions are arranged through the Office of Music Admissions and should be received
at least two weeks prior to the requested date. Later requests will be accepted
as time and space permit. Auditions must be arranged in addition to the usual
application procedure to the University of Florida Office of Admissions.

Participation in one of the scheduled audition days is highly recommended,
but individual auditions can also be arranged through the Office of Music
Admissions in unusual circumstances. In addition, students who cannot make
it to campus may submit a high-quality cassette tape (or VCR tape). These
arrangements must be made in advance.

Spring 2001 Audition Dates

January 27, 2001
February 24, 2001
March 24, 2001

Piano: 1) Perform from memory three works by different composers
representative of three varying historical stylistic periods; 2) Major and minor
scales and arpeggios, four octaves; and 3) Sight-reading.

Auditions are arranged through the Office of Music Admissions. A potential student must also apply to the University of Florida through the UF Office of Admissions.


Mutlu Çitim-Kepic, Director of Music Admissions
352-392-0223 x205
E-mail: mcitim@ufl.edu

Dr. Budd Udell, Director of Graduate Studies
352-392-0223 x215
E-mail: budell@nersp.nerdc.ufl.edu

If Directors are unavailable, please contact:
Dana Jacobson, Sr. Secretary
352-392-0223 x200
E-mail: djacob@ufl.edu