Chapter History

          On May 1, 1972, the Beta Pi Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. was established in Gainesville, Florida under the auspices of 7th District Representative Dr. Edward J. Braynon and State Representative Dorsey C. Miller, II by the following charter members:
Bro. Neil A. Butler (deceased) Bro. Nathaniel L. Willis
Bro. Otha  W. Nealy (deceased) Bro. Lougene Hill
Bro. James A. Turk Bro. Edward L. Jennings, Sr.
Bro. Louis Rivers, Jr. (deceased) Bro. W. L. Johnson (deceased)
Bro. Charles S. Chestnut, III Bro. Cleather H. Hathcock
Bro. Cullen W. Banks Bro. Frank D. Coleman, Sr. (deceased)
Bro. W. M. Ferguson (deceased) Bro. Lynn Jones
Bro. Allen Green Bro. Calvin Edwards
Bro. Phil Chaney Bro. Lindsey Jones
Bro. Edmond Fordham Bro. Cleveland Kiner (deceased)
Bro. Richard Dukes Bro. Danny
                      Click here to see the actual charter roster and charter application.

         Bro. Neil A. Butler (deceased) became the first Chapter Basileus serving from 1972 to 1974. He was followed by Bro. Lindsey Jones (1974-1976), Bro. Nathaniel Willis (1976-1977), Bro. Richard Dukes (1977-1980), and Bro. James Turk (1980-1981).  During the 1980s, the years served by each Basileus is unclear, however, the order of Basilei are Bro. Richard Dukes, Bro. James Massey, and Bro. Richard Dukes.  Bro. Dukes is documented to be Basileus in 1985.  It is believed that Bro. Massey served his term sometime after 1985, however, it is also known that Bro. Dukes served until 1990.  Thereafter, the Basilei were Bro. Lindsey Jones (1990-1994), Bro. Michael Bowie (1994-1998) and Bro. Warren T. Smith (1998-present).

          Since the establishment of Beta Pi Chapter, several men have entered into Omega’s fold.  They are:

1973*: Patrick Minzie
McArthur Shelton
Joseph McLeod
Gonzales Whittier

1973: Omicron Zeta's Charter Line
1978: Nathaniel Hooks
1984: Mark Islar
1986: Darryl Franklin Reaves
1990: Joseph “Chuck” Reddick
Fall 1993: Michael L. Bennett
Edward Robinson
Spring 1994: Norman Amman Taylor
Todd Everett White
Jerry Lee Bryant, Jr.

Spring 1994: The Three Dead Dog Brains
Spring 1995: Elgin Watts
Maurice V. Evans
Fall 1995: Marlon Dixon
Spring 1997: Theodore Rupert Collier
Spring 1999: Dudley Brown, Jr.
Clayton Ricks
Brent Sears
Oladapo Alade

Spring 1999:(l to r) T. Bullard(OZ), O. Alade,
Y. Pettis(OZ),Past Grand Basileus Dorsey Miller II,
C. Ricks, B. Sears, and D. Brown,Jr.
Spring 2001: Jeremiah Abiade
Hugh Walters
Michael West
Spring 2002: Jimmie Hackley
Donald Pritchett
Marcus Foxx
*These brothers were undergraduates at the University of Florida and are charter members of Omicron Zeta Chapter.
          The Brothers of Beta Pi Chapter have and continue to play an important role in the Alachua County Community.  Politically, Brother Neil Butler (deceased) was elected the first African-American Mayor of Gainesville; Bro. Edward Jennings, Sr. has served as Mayor and is presently City Commissioner for Gainesville; Bro. Charles Chestnut, III is presently one of five Alachua County Commissioners; and Bro. Cleather Hathcock recently completed his term as Mayor of the City of Alachua.  In medicine, Brother Cullen W. Banks practiced for 47 years in Alachua County and was the first African-American physician to be given full privileges at Alachua General and North Florida Regional Hospitals.  He was also the first African-American to sit on the Admissions Board for the University of Florida College of Medicine.  In the field of education, Brother Roderick McDavis served as the first African-American Dean of the College of Education, Bro. James Scott served as Dean of Students at the University of Florida, and Bro. Lougene Hill has served as Principal of Prairie View Elementary School.  Although only a few brothers were named in this short paragraph, Brothers of Beta Pi Chapter continue to play an important role in Alachua and surrounding counties.

           Finally, this History Page of our website is dedicated to the memory of:

Bro. Neil A. Butler    Bro. Cleveland A. Kiner    Bro. Otha W. Nealy
Bro.W. L. Johnson    Bro. Malachi Kiner    Bro. Richard Dukes
Bro. James E. Scott

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