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Hello, and Welcome to Elric's Spellfire Stuff! This section of the EarthDrake Software site is devoted to one of my many hobbies: The Spellfire CCG. I hope you enjoy the site. If you want to trade, simply send me an E-Mail with a list of cards you want and a list of cards you have to trade.

5:03a ~ Link-o-Rama
 I've updated the links page. It's not a major update (i.e. any broken links are still broken), but here's what I did:

 Added links to some of the web comics I read.

 Changed the color scheme to make it look nice. Now that I don't have a fragged graphics adapter, I can see just how horrible it was. I'm sorry. I'm really sorry!


1:58a ~ CF Tournament Info!
 OK, I've found out that the tournament will be held on Sunday, February 18, at 10am EST (GMT -5). I don't know if it's too late to register, but my advice to those who want to participate is this: Be there for the tourney. You never know... somone might not show, leaving an open space. Just find a Judge (they'll have a J after their name), and tell them that you want to play in the tourney.


4:07a ~ MIA
 Miss me? I know, I've been gone for a long time. Again. This time, it's because my computer is dead. My hard drive no longer exists. Since it died, I've been using my wife's laptop on and off to do various net stuff. However, I now have "temporary custody", if you will, of the lap top, since she has a T1 connection at her job. ^_^

 I have no idea how often I'll be updating, but it might be a little more often... ;D

 Just in case you didn't know, here's some happenings in the world of Spellfire:

 WotC has dropped Spellfire altogether. However, as with all of the old TSR products that WotC has dropped, they've let the fans take over. The new Official Spellfire page is located at Spellfire.Net.

 There's a new booster for Spellfire available. It's a "sticker" booster, called InQuisition, and is available at Spellfire.Net. You print out the cards and glue them to an old Spellfire card. IIRC, this booster is tournament legal.

 The Ogre has give the thumbs up for Official Online Tournaments. The first one is scheduled to take place very soon (I forget when...).

 Of course, this means that Dan has updated CrossFire to support the IQ booster. As always, the new version can be found at the CrossFire web site.

 Due to the cost of hosting the CrossFire server, Jeff Reinhardt is now asking that you please help him out. All you have to do is sponser CrossFire for a month, or make a small maintenance donation. The cost to sponser CrossFire for a month is $16, and the maintencance donation is $5. You can learn more at the CrossFire Sponsorship Webpage.

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