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Hello, and welcome to EarthDrake Software (EDS for short). I'm not too good at introductions, so please feel free to look around. Please note that the site is undergoing (yet another) total rehaul. Due to this, I can not guarantee that all links work at this time. Please bear with me as I finish the site redesign. Thanks!

12:20a ~ New Logo!
 Once again, DarKnight13 has used his 1337 5k1||2 to make a NiFTY new logo for me! Thanks!


12:18a ~ Ugh!
 This is taking a lot longer to do than I thought. Uh... maybe I'll have this finished by early next year... But it's worth it, right? I certainly hope so... =D


1:14p ~ EDS Website v4.5
 Yup. Redesigining again. Hopefully, this design will last a lot longer than the previous one...


?:?? ~ FF Startups
 Added Final Fantasy VI Start Up/Shut Down screens to the Custom Screens section.


?:?? ~ Remember me?
 Sorry for the length of time between updates. I've been pretty busy with life. Anyway, I've added a little jukebox to the main page. I'll probably just put it in a frame at the top of the page.


?:?? ~ Hackmaster!
 In July of 1999, I started ROM Hacking. My ROM Hacking site has been assimilated into the EDS fold. Other than that, I've started redesigning the site. So far, I've changed the looks of all the pages. Next I will be working on the hardest part: checking all the links to make sure they work.


?:?? ~ Screens
 We now make custom Start Up & Shut Down Screens for Win95/98. Head over to our Screens page for more info.


?:?? ~ Linkage
 Made a Links Update. Wow. :)


?:?? ~ Minor Changes
 Just preformed a few minor changes to the main page. Most were spelling errors. I also changed the links on the main page from text links to a drop-down menu. All you have to do is click on the link you want to visit, and you're off. I have also updated the Links page.

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