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Ken Baker is a PA student in the University of Florida College of Medicine class of 1999.

Clinical Skills 

Clinical Cases

The Interactive Patient - FUN!
Virtual Triage
Diagnostic Imaging Strategies
Trauma Cases
Virtual Trauma Cases
Discharge Planning
Pediatric Patients
Virtual Hospital Cases
MultiMedia Teaching Files
Bullseye - USF Diagnostic Dilemnas
Case Presentation Module

Clinical Resources
History & Physical Checklists
Basic Clinical Skill Slides - UF
Primary Care Teaching Module - UCSF
Primary Care Topics
Martindale's Health Science Guide
Internet Self-Assessment in Pharmacology
Primary Care Pearls - UF

ACLS Algorithms made simple!
ACLS Drugs

Medical Resources
University of Iowa Family Practice Handbook - Very complete
MedWeb - Search by keywords
Medical Matrix
Center for Disease Control - The CDC
The Whole Brain Atlas
Physicians Online
Clinical Pharmacology Online
Physicians' Home Page - An Internet Service for Physicians
Image Resources
Merck Manual

Cancer Resources - U. Penn.
PA Connection Med Links
National Center for Health Statistics

What's a PA? 

The PA Wanna Be Page
The Physician Assistant Profession
Mike Murray's Physician Assistant/Medical Page
PA Stuff


FAPA - The Florida Academy of PAs
Student Academy of the American Academy of Physician Assistants
Welcome to the AAPA
AAPA Staff Phone Extensions and EMail
American Medical Association
Specialty PA Groups
State Academies

Society of Emergency Medical Physician Assistants
The Physician Assistant AIDS Network
Association of Neurosurgical Physician Assistants
APA in Cardiovascular Sugery

Financial Aid

FAFSA - Fill out your financial aid app. online
FinAid: The Financial Aid Information Page
fastWEB! (Financial Aid Search Through the Web)
Department of Education
Project EASI
SAAPA Financial Aid Page

Book Dealers
Discount Medical Books- Good selection and great prices
Medical Student Books - Has used books
Login Brothers -  Good selection with ratings by health professionals
Florida Medical Books - Gainesville, FL bookstore's online catalogue



KelleyBlue Book - Used Vehicle Optional Equipment
AutoTrader Online
CommunityConnections - Gainesville, Florida
TheCD Club Web Server
BestSearch Engines - Direct Query from One Page
UPSQuick Cost Calculator
UnitedStates Postal Service Home Page


Drugs - Info by generic or brand name 


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Virtual Hospital - Keyword(s): 

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