Other Incriminating Pictures...

Scott and JOn      Scott and Jon in all their glory during Spring Break of 1996 in North Carolina.

Scott Rockin Out      The Pleasants. Scott on lead guitar. Tim Fitts as frontman, Brian Baker on drums, Blake Travis on Bass. High School superstars. Top Ten singles "Mrs. Jones", "Sprinkling Time" and "Gimme back my pillow."

     Me and my brother Brian Christmas 1995. Brian now lives in Huntington Beach California, and is taking classes to be a Microsoft certified network administrator.

Old For Squirrels Shot     For Squirrels: Bill, Jack Vig, Travis and Jack G playing at an outdoor party in Gainesville. This was long before Sony 550, long before they got popular or even got serious about their music as a career. They just loved to entertain and have a good time. Just four college guys living the college life to the fullest. From day one they had an infectious stage presence... corny at times but always cool. I think it was this same week that a few sororities had booked them to play a bash at the Florida Theatre. I can remember Bill saying "Incredible!... No doubt."

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