Kung Fu Rascals

Behind the Scenes

The Creator

click The genius behind Kung Fu Rascals is Steve Wang, who has, over the course of his career, directed such films as The Guyver, Guyver 2:Dark Hero, and Drive. His sculpting work can be seen, in addition to the wonderful costumes and prosthetics for Kung Fu Rascals, in films like Alien: Resurrection and Evil Dead 2.

NEW! Read our interview with Steve Wang!

Lots of great info on Kung Fu Rascals, including scenes that got cut, the prequel, a possible TV series, the last word on the Sticky Flypaper Technique, where to send fan mail and MUCH MORE!

The Technology

Film Threat's Video Guide #6 has a detailed look into the technical aspects of Kung Fu Rascals (y'know, those cool masks and production values we love)-- unfortunately, it's a rare issue, so if you can't find it, all we can offer you is this thumbnail stolen brazenly from the Film Threat merchandise area:

You're not missing much

That's it. That's the whole thumbnail. If you want the magazine, you can order it from Film Threat for $10.00.

The Prequel

Recently, Bernie S. gave us lots of neat info on Kung Fu Rascals: Monster Beach Party! It's not a sequel, but a low-budget prequel of sorts to Kung Fu Rascals. Check it out:

"The reason I'm writing is to let you know that there isn't a sequel to the movie (I haven't heard anything about it lately), but there is a prequel, or should I say a 30 minute super 8 to video version filmed in 1985 in various parts of the SF Bay Area by none other than a young Steve Wang. I think he was around 17 or 18. It was called "Kung Fu Rascals: Monster Beach Party."

The prequel itself is pretty cheesy (super 8 transferred to video by videotaping the image on the wall and adding the sound effects, via cassette tape, to the VHS tape later), but it has a certain charm because at the time, it was never meant to be anything else but a movie project that showcased some masks and make-up and film effects that Matt and Steve were working on.

It was originally a ten minute movie that ended up a thirty minute epic. There are a few copies of this movie floating around private circles, and I'm sure they are, like mine, buried in video collections that have been growing for the last 13(?) years.

Kung Fu Rascals #1 (and #2 for that matter) was, as you can probably tell, was the result of watching MANY kung-fu movies over a LONG period of time.

If there's anyone out there that was involved in the first KFR that remembers it differently, by all means, get in touch and tell your story. Since we probably know each other leave your name and contact information with Sushil and I'll get in touch with you."

Thanks for the neat info, Bernie!

As always, if you have info about Kung Fu Rascals, email Sushil K. Rudranath at drxadium@gate.net-- we'd love to hear from you!


Click on the thumbnails below to see the full images:

KFR off the movie screen
We're three fools from the Orient...
Kung Fu Rascals Movie Poster
Master Thief
Conceptual sketch of Chen Chow Mein
It's Lao's time
Conceptual Sketch of Lao Ze
What is this? An Exhibition?
Conceptual Sketch of Reepo

All images courtesy of Steve Wang. Thanks, Steve!

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